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  1. Management tasks for LPN in Assisted living seem ridiculous!

    Usually family or maintenance. I’ve never been asked to do it
  2. Management tasks for LPN in Assisted living seem ridiculous!

    Also, the social worker has already complained that it’s not done yet. But didn’t offer any help. Nor has management. This is not an LPN job.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. I work for an assisted living facility and was just asked by management to box up an entire room of a rsd who is permanently moving to health care. She says everything must be in boxes and closed with pa...
  4. How to deal with coworkers

    Taken out of context- Basically, I have witnessed numerous times nurses quitting their jobs because the environment created by coworkers. If we could be more understanding, and less judgemental, helpful and open-minded rather than putting others down...
  5. I'm pretty introverted but also shy with people I don't know (mainly coworkers- not patients, which is weird). It constantly makes me wonder what others are thinking of me- I wish I could stop that!! Has anyone bonded with a coworker over being intr...
  6. How to deal with coworkers

    I am a new nurse as well and I am so nervous about that. The best thing to do would be just express how you feel and try to not let emotions get the best of you. Women are mean..I truly believe the work place would go a lot smoother if women empowere...
  7. "stop isolating yourself"

    This is one thing I also worry about working with a bunch of women. Sounds like drama. The lady was just giving you a heads up but if I were her I wouldn't have engaged in it at all. And you should do the same!! keep being friendly and doing your job...
  8. New Indiana Grad Can't Find Job

    You need to be licensed first, then you should get in touch with the job recruiter and explain your situation and how you excel in the area. Many hospitals won't hire LPNs but if you are able to talk with someone on a personal level, you may score an...
  9. Nursing 20 years later...

    hello! I just graduated from a LPN program...what they have us study with (for the boards) is a program called Kaplan nursing...It costs about 100$ but it has all the review questions you will need. Look it up :)
  10. I lack basic nursing skills

    follow a CNA- at my school, we did full care during clinicals, which included CNA and LPN work for one patient each day. The work is physically challenging but takes a little less of critical thinking. I think it's something that you get good at with...
  11. new nurse- not feeling confident?

    I graduated this May '16 and will start working soon. I feel much dread about starting a new job because I am somehwat shy and I'm not confident with my skills as a nurse. I even over heard my mother (a former LPN who is now seeking disability), on t...
  12. I think I might be losing my mind

    Med surg. was challenging. Ob/Peds almost failed me. My advice is for every hour of lecture, study 2-3. Make note cards, posters, anything to change up the study habits so you don't get bored. What REALLY REALLY helped me grasp information from med. ...
  13. I messed up

    I feel like you were attacked. While you were in the wrong, every nurse makes mistakes. I think the words they said to you were to harsh, as you did see you were wrong, and apologized. I'm sorry. But don't let them bring you down. You have made it 6 ...
  14. Lvn = working w/stable pts??

    Very intense BSNbeDONE..but my question is, what if you do freeze up? Being a new grad. I am forever scared that I won't handle situations like these correctly!
  15. Took NCLEX yesterday

    congrats!!! I take mine for LPN on Saturday -_-