New Grads! There is hope!

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To all you new grads still searching for jobs... I just wanted to let you know there is still hope in getting a job, or even the job of your dreams!

I graduated in May 2010...took & passed boards in June. After hundred's of applications, and only 4 interviews... 6 months later..... I GOT A JOB!!! And on top of that, I got a DAY job!

I give God the glory for me getting this job, because I've prayed since before I graduated that I'd get a day job. (needed days because of husband's work schedule & school age child at home) So I do give all the credit to God. Because without Him, I wouldn't have gotten this job. BUT, for those of you that do not practice religion or are of another faith.... there is still hope. There are jobs out there, and you will eventually find one!

Good luck!! :nurse:

Wooooooooooo!!! I'm happy for you and deffinately proud of you! You go girl!

Your enthusiasm is infectious and made me smile. Good luck to you and thank you for sharing your good fortune!

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Yay! Good for you! Congrats and amen!

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Congrats!!!!! Praise be to God!!!!!!

Congratulations on your new job! I like the combination of prayer & perseverance.

Thank you for the encouragement! I graduated in August 2010, took & passed boards in October (still waiting for license to arrive in the mail)...and have been looking for jobs since passing boards. Congratulations on your job and getting one with the hours you wanted! I will have to 2nd TrixieLPN...I love the combination of perseverance & prayer!!!

Congratulations!!! I think more people should post when they have good news! Tell us what you did to get to where you are and encourage us to keep on trying! SO happy for you!!!


Awesome! Praise God! He does know exactly what we need, even if we sometimes can't see it ourselves. I graduated in Dec. 2009 and have a home health pediatric job. Love my "kids" but long to be working Peds in a hospital. Going on a mission trip to Bolivia for a few weeks and then will continue the search! God Bless and I pray your job will be everything you prayed for!

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