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  1. mono2010

    Resurrection University Fall 2012 Applicants

    Craiglist in the city is cyclical. The most apartments are available in the spring/early summer. I would recommend checking with an apartment hunter. They usually see updates the same day. I just moved to West Town/Uk village. It has alot of restaurants, reasonable rent, great trans and only 5 mins to St. Marys (this came in handy last term, i rolled out of bed and made it to clinic super quick).
  2. mono2010

    Resurrection University Fall 2012 Applicants

    I do. Its hard but you just do it and try not to think about it. I'm in the E/W cohort. So far we typically have class 3 nights a week from 5-8 or 9, clinical 10hr on saturday (last term it was sunday). PM if you have questions and I'll give you my resu email
  3. mono2010

    Resurrection University Fall 2012 Applicants

    Hi there. I am a Senior. The number of days changes every 8 weeks and depends on whether or not your clinical site has enough space for a full shift or they need to break it into 2- 4hr days. Some students prefer the 1 day (get it out of the way) and others like the shorter shift. I prefer to do the 1 day.
  4. mono2010

    Nursing school + working - WWYD?

    I'm in an accel. bsn program (eve/wknd) and working full time. Its brutal but it can be done. If there's a way to work less hours I would recommend it. Its hard to balance the amazing amount of reading, care plans, papers and clinical. I have started taking off the day of or day before exams to have time to study (i never take vacation so i have plenty accrued to use). It has helped me maintain a little bit of sanity. The real key is being super organized and using every possible minute to review/study (bus ride to work, doing laundry at the laundrymat). Best of luck to you!
  5. mono2010

    Preparing for nursing school

    I am starting my second year/final year of my BSN. I don't know that there's necessarily a book that will help you prepare. I would recommend getting a good hard copy or electronic planner to keep you assignments, etc organized. Also brush up on your math for Pharm. There's lots of conversions to remember grams, microgram, milligrams, oz, millileters, liters, etc. Practice converting between them. The most important thing is to spend as much time as you can with friends and family having fun. You wont have time once school starts. Remeber it will be rough but you can do it. E
  6. mono2010

    Advice on Accelerated BSN programs

    I am in my second semester of an Acc. BSN at a Private school. It is more expensive ($50k) but it was the only option for a Evening and Weekend program . It is a BEAST! Lots of reading (100+ pgs a week), very fast pace (classes are only 8wks), very little time for life outside of work and school. An accelerated program is a commitment of time, money, resources and you have to be willing to make those sacrifices while you are in school. It tough but doable if you are focused and stay on track. Best of luck to you!
  7. mono2010

    I start nursing school in a week!

    I agree with with what the others have said as well. The first semester was the hardest. I felt like I could never keep on top of all the reading and so forth but have to remember that you can do it! Try as hard as you can to read all of the text they give you for the week and take notes. Find a group of students who has a similar study style and schedule to you and form a study group. This saved my life in Path and Pharm! To be honest now that I look back that first semester flew by and I'm ready to start back next week with Clinic. Best of Luck
  8. mono2010

    Resurrection University 2011 Cohorts

    You don't have to wait. You can log into the portal and click on academics. There's a link that says online registration or something like that. It will allow you to see the available classes/sections and register. I just did it on my own. I signed up for classes Monday (6pm start), Wed & Thur nite 5pm start. My employer is pretty flexible so I will start an hour earlier than usual so i can leave, go home to change and get to class on time. PM-me if you have other questions. Hope this helps!
  9. mono2010

    Am I waisting my time with associates degree?

    I would recommend looking into an Accelerated BSN program which is what I'm doing. I already have a BS and the better part of a MS. The program is only 20 months and it will be all nursing instead of the gen eds that you usually have to face with a standard BSN program. Accl BSN programs are geared toward career changes so its less time but that being said...they are expensive.
  10. mono2010

    Resurrection University 2011 Cohorts

    alycat30- I am starting in the fall for the ev/wknd program. They are a bit slow with information. You have to keep following up with them KKat- I think 6/16 but they havent sent my confirmation. that was my first choice date.
  11. mono2010

    At my age, should I forget about upper level degrees?

    Go for it! If this is your passion, finish your RN and go for the MSN. It's never too late
  12. mono2010

    How many semesters is your program?

    Mine is a 5 semester Accl BSN
  13. mono2010

    Do you like the uniforms they give you for your school?

    Ours are terrible. White pants, shoes, socks, underwear (cant show thru see thru white pants) and a maroon polo
  14. I did that last term and it was alot of work. It can be done but you have to be focused. Its also alot of information to take in at once. As the the others mentioned parts of the classes do overlap. Good luck
  15. mono2010

    Resurrection University 2011 Cohorts

    Congrats KKat! I just got my call last week. I'm scrambling to get all of the forms completed. I'm excited to get started. Did you go to orientation yet?
  16. mono2010

    Truman College Chicago 2011 Applicants FYI

    CCOC is so ridiculous! I will be so happy when i finish my prereqs and can go elsewhere for my BSN. I hope that the increased class size doesn't have a negative effect on the cohort but its hard to see how it couldn't