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I am almost a nursing graduate and I want to start applying for jobs. How do I know where to apply and what area I will like? Is it just trail by fire? I am interested in OB and Geriatrics. I don't want to start in Geriatrics because I have already worked in that kind of area. How did you pick your area to work? Or do I just apply for every job there is and be grateful to have a job?! Any advice is welcome. THanks!

Truthfully, in today's market, apply to every position you see. The market is tight, and anywhere that will hire you and give you experience is the right first job. It will allow you to figure out what you do and don't like and be a perfect springboard for your next position.

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Apply for the jobs that interest you and see where it leads. I would avoid any job that you know isn't right for you because you could get stuck there and be miserable. You can always move on, but as a new grad you need that golden year of experience. It won't help your practice, or your image to prospective employers to bounce around right away.

Well, it depends where you live and what the job availability is like. If you live in an area with an abundance of nursing jobs available and you can afford to take your time looking than I would apply to what interests you. If the job hunt is looking harsh, than I would apply to whatever is available. I agree with the previous replies, you don't necessarily want to get stuck with something that you don't like for just the purpose of having a job. But you're the only one who can truly balance the good and the bad. Good luck!!

Apply for everything and take what you can get with the job market the way it is. Who knows, you might be lucky and end up loving wherever your first job lands you. Maternity is a particularly difficult specialty to break into, especially as a new grad, but it's not impossible. Almost every department in a hospital will have many older patients. Will you be doing a senior preceptorship?

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Just as a matter of interest does US nurse training not have a seperate Midwifery training? In the UK you can't work as a midwife even if you are an RN. It is two years specialist training.

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Yes, in the US a certified nurse midwife requires a master's degree.

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