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New Grad Psych Nurse Residency

by emh21 emh21 (New) New

I'll be graduating at the end of this week with my BSN!! (yay me)

I learned about these new grad-nurse residency programs, but I've noticed almost all of them are based on med/surg/critical/intense care.

Are there any New Grad Psych-based programs out there?

I'm willing to relocate anywhere, it's just basically impossible to find an entry level psych position (rightfully so, because it's such specialized care)... so I was looking to find a residency program...but I've only come across 1 or 2 in the US.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Have you checked with the Menninger Clinic? I know that they used to have a very small new grad (newly licensed) nurse residency at their Houston facility, but that was quite a few years ago.


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At my hospital, new grads in psych go through the same 'new grad' orientation as med surg, but of course spend their time on the psych floor.

In MA there are a lot of entry level psych positions-- no official residency programs that I've heard of though.

Washington DC metropolitan area (VA or MD as well) have residencies where you pick the area you want to work in and I noticed psych was listed in many of them. INOVA/Medstar/Johns Hopkins.

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In Chicago

Rush University Medical Center

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago

Advocate Christ Medical Center

Glen Oaks Hospital in Greenville, TX