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Hi everyone,

I'll be graduating from school (BSN) soon and really want to get a spot in FAHC's new grad program. I go to school in Mass. Any suggestions from hired new grads? Will FAHC only hire nurses who did their clinical programs there? Any advice is appreciated...thanks!

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I will say best of luck to you. When I was in clinicals there this past spring, the group of new grads from the previous year were just starting jobs. There was a hiring freeze and nothing for new grads for a while. There are three schools in the area, UVM and Norwich (bsn's) and Vermont Tech, ADN. I went to Vermont tech and only one of my classmates got into the new grad program. They just are not hiring them. I remember hearing in class, of the people who had their phone interview, and they application was added to the pile of others. If you really want to come to Vermont you might be better of trying for a position in one of the smaller community hospitals and going from there. It's a tight market up here.

Hi there, would anyone who currently works at FAHC be willing to reply with the good/bad of FAHC? Is it relatively new-grad friendly? How competitive was their graduate nurse residency program? Thanks!

I actually just started there as a new grad after working in a nursing home for six months. It is very new grad friendly. Depending on what floor you work on you go through a critical care internship, which includes lectures, simulations, an online class, and time with your preceptor on the floor. My whole orientation will be 16 weeks. So far it's been a great place to work. There is a lot of young, inexperienced nurses on the off shifts. The staff turn over seems to be a bit higher than what I've experienced in Boston. The good news is that they are hiring a lot right now.

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