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United Staffing Systems is hiring new grads as per diem school nurses. They work with NYC board of ed. The bad thing is that they don't provide any type of training which makes me hesitant. They just send you to the school. If anyones interested contact me via pm for their phone number

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing, but how do I pm you? I am interested.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for sharing, but how do I pm you? I am interested.

Thanks in advance

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google united staffing system nyc their number is on the website

I called United Staffing System - They are nice and very real with me that..This job can be for new grad. However, you are on call for school nurse job. It can go for weeks with a call or so...

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how much do they pay?

Not mention but you can call them if you are interested to speak to their nurse recruiter

how much do they pay?

C123 & 0907, did either of you end up working for them? if so, can you share what your experience has been.

Sorry, I didn't work 4 them...:(

did you feel the same hesitancy or something else came up?

From what I understand, the nurse recruiter is saying it is a very unstable job and a lot of waiting around for the call....if you do get a call. So i decide not to pursue it. If you are interested, just give them a call. Hey, you never know until you call right?

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