new grad per diem school nurse jobs

U.S.A. New York


United Staffing Systems is hiring new grads as per diem school nurses. They work with NYC board of ed. The bad thing is that they don't provide any type of training which makes me hesitant. They just send you to the school. If anyones interested contact me via pm for their phone number

i see. in my case, i don't mind waiting for the calls. i understand it is a per diem.I was more concerned w/ starting out on as a new grad independently and wanted a feedback re: how manageable it is. thank you for your feedback though.

I never followed through with it. My friend works for that agency and she actually got a one to one case. She gets 50/hr just to ride the bus with a girl to and from school. It is only a few hours a day of course. They said there is nothing like that available at the moment though.

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