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Hi all!

I am graduating in May and I'm getting ready to apply for my first RN position. It seems like many new grads are working night shifts. I've heard some nurses say it's a part of "paying your dues." However, I have tried to work at night as a nurse tech, and it does NOT work! I blacked out my bedroom, cut off the phone, turned on a fan, did all that, and was still never able to sleep well. I live off of a busy street with cars with loud exhausts or loud music keeping me awake. I was on the brink of insanity, and begged my manager to change. Anyway, so obviously night shift does not work for me, and when I graduate I DO NOT want to go through this again. Are there any new grads that have been assigned to straight days? Is this even a possibility? I know there's all this extra money involved with working nights, but I want NOTHING to do with it! Any input is appreciated! Thanks!



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Truthfully, nothing is impossible. You will just have to realize that your opportunities for work will be limited if you refuse a night position that is open when there are no day positions open. It's going to be a balance of "do I have to work right now" vs "I can wait until I find a day position that will hire me". I've heard of some new grads that get day positions right away, most often just because the timing was right and they were in the right place to get it. One of my classmates has a day position waiting on a surg/onc floor when he graduates. I guess the management liked him enough to offer it to him when they talked.

So, long story short, yes it's possible.

Good luck, Angela


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Most nurses do get hired on night shift (from my little bit of experience), but as you are doing your interview process simply ask if you have to be put on nights. Doesn't hurt to ask right? Your more than welcome to explain that you don't function when you have to work 3rd shift. Just see how it goes from there. Goodluck!

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Anything is possible, however your opportunities *may* be greatly limited by only willing to work day shift. I stress *may* because you really never know until you apply for jobs.

I had a day job - it was toxic - but nonetheless, I worked days for a short while as a newer yes, it's possible.

Now, I work nights. I'm not a night person either. I just would rather enjoy my job, be allowed to do my job and have as little as possible to do with the day shift at my job :chuckle

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Not at all impossible, although not the norm.

I just graduated this past semester and have just started my first RN position on days, or course I teched on this floor for a long time prior to graduation.

You may want to consider some areas that are primarily day in nature such as day surgery or OR -- keeping in mind that the OR does run 24/7 but most of the nights and weekends are 'on-call' or at least in my facility.

Good luck,

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You mentioned you used to work as a nurse tech. Do you still work for that unit and plan to stay as an RN? If so, I'd say your chances are higher for a day position. Going into a new facility or even a different unit you may have a harder time, but you'll probably find something eventually, you never know what you may fall into. Good luck


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Thank you everyone for your replies. I realize that my options will be limited only working days, but I will take almost anything to not work nights! I do still work as a nurse tech, however, I will not be working for this facility for numerous reasons. I guess if I do get stuck on nights at a new facility, I could always pop some ambien, but I'm not too big on sleeping pills!

Thanks again everyone!



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I guess that maybe I am one of the lucky new grads who got day shift right off the bat. I decided that night shift did not work for me and I was just going to wait to start working until I got a day job. Maybe try working as a tech in the area that you want to specialize in and this may increase your chances of getting your dream job. Our instructors also advised us to go in and meet with the manager of the unit that we wanted to work on before we even graduated, this may also help when you go to get a job. I didn't do this because the area I work in was not my first choice, but I was lucky enough to get a day job so I took it. I am learning a lot and may decide to even stay there. Good luck!!!:nuke:


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My friends and I had no trouble finding day jobs. The only ones working nights are those who chose to work nights. It may have a lot to do with the demographics of your area. We have lots of hospitals competing for RNs, new and seasoned. Good luck!


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I've never had to work straight nights...not when I was a new grad LPN or a new grad RN. I have occasionally worked a night shift to fill a need, but that was totally my choice. I also don't like night shift because I tend to fall asleep. The times I did work night shift I would make sure I was at the nursing station at all times when not providing care so I wouldn't fall asleep somewhere. This actually backfired though because I once fell asleep in mid-conversation with the charge nurse while sitting at the nursing station.


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Its nice to hear from people who have not had to work nights. I hope I will get as lucky! I see plenty of job openings on the hospital websites for day shift, hopefully they will be open when I apply!

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I went straight to days, in the specialty I wanted!

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