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new grad need help

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Hi all. I'm a new grad RN. I graduated on Jan of this year and passed the board on March. After passing NCLEX, I spent hours to hours to look for jobs online and send out almost over 50 applications but have not heard back from even one hospital. I 'm very frustrated with the situation and upset. Is anyone here in the same situation ? any advices ? Thanks


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so?? wht are you expecting. People to fall & call at YOUR beck and call! Keep searching kid! And leave your text & cell phone at home. Also check your grammar when applying online. If your spelling mistakes & grammar errors are from too much internet slang and texting, you wont get a job.

Unfortunately its tough out there for new grads. You are not the only one going through this.

If you are only applying to hospitals, you may want to broaden your search and look for jobs outside of a hospital. Also tell EVERYONE you know you are looking for a job. You never know who knows someone that knows someone.

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50 is a small number of applications to put out in this day. Before I landed my first job, I made a list and had 152 applications out. What finally did land me a job was getting face to face time. Go to open houses or career fairs. Employers are receiving hundreds of applications per position. They are not going to fall over a new grad RN! You are only in the beginning. Took me about four months to land a job and I was lucky!!!

Hi bobo, you certainly aren't alone as there are unfortunately hundred and hundreds of new grad RN's in your shoes right now, myself included. It's a tough market since there is an oversupply of new grads. Like the previous poster said, there are hundreds of hundreds of applicants per position and you must really really stand out or have connections to be considered for an interview.Make sure your resume and cover letter are excellent and capitalize very well on your strengths. Make sure there is absolutely no grammar or spelling errors. It helps to have a long list of certifications. Consider getting your ACLS, ECG, and IV certifications in addition to only BLS..or other certs if you are going to peds of maternal child. Consider joining 1-2 professional affiliations because it'll look good on your resume. And network like crazy! I've been job-hunting since February and only got 2 calls for interviews out of over 100 applications. I got the first interview only because my clinical instructor helped me get it. I didn't get the job. As for the second interview, I had emailed the nurse manager directly in addition to applying through HR. That interview is tomorrow! Hang in there and good luck with the job hunt. Keep applying and trying like crazy.. Know that it's the job market and that you aren't alone..

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so?? wht are you expecting. People to fall & call at YOUR beck and call! Keep searching kid! And leave your text & cell phone at home. Also check your grammar when applying online. If your spelling mistakes & grammar errors are from too much internet slang and texting, you wont get a job.

Kettle Kettle Black Black. There are several problems in your post that makes you a less than ideal candidate to lecture on spelling and grammar.

To the OP. Unfortunately you are a victim of your environment. It's not just nursing new grads that are having a hard time it's anyone trying to enter the workforce without experience specific to the industry you are applying to. In comparison to other fields prospects for Nursing Jobs are a little better so feel encouraged by that.

The only thing you can do is keep on going. Wear your feet out applying in person. Sitting behind a computer shooting out resumes won't do it unless your resume is outstanding.

Thank you so much for all responses and advices. I just felt frustrated and angry at the situation because I was really freaking out. It has been 6 months since I graduated from nursing school and I have not been able to land any jobs any where. That 50 applications that I mentioned above are only for hospitals that near where I live. I also applied to some SNF facilities and did not receive any response. I'm afraid because I don't know how long I have to do this. This job hunting is just so depressing. Also, I really need to get a job so that I can give my family a break. I really put them through hell with my 2 years in nursing school. However, I felt a lots better after reading all your responses and advices. At least, now I know I'm not alone in this situation.

@ Ct22: It is nice to know somebody who are also in the same situation. Thank you so much for all your advices. I have my ACLS, ECG certifications ready and schedule to take PALS at the end of this month. English is my second language, so I will pay extreme caution to grammars and spellings. Good luck with your interview and let us know how it going.


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true, both end of the scales. Experienced and the rookie. but you did not take the foresight to see that. Think ahead, I was responding to her scenerio, not yours. Most young people these days, have been bubblewrapped, with mom & dad doing all the drudge work for them, in extreme cases. I talk to a lot of managers, and they shake their heads with what they are seening in rookie scenerio.

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Welcome to the New Grad hell. Hope your stay here is brief.

Hi all. I have a quick question about IV therapy certification course. I plan to take an IV therapy course next month, but I hear different opinions about it. Some said that since you are already an RN, you won't get CE units for the course but will get a form indicate that you are competence for IV and blood draw. I had the same form provided to me by my nursing school couple months before I graduated that said the same thing. Do you guy think that I still need to IV therapy class ? can I use the form that my nursing school gave to it as a proof for IV therapy certification and put that on my resume ? I graduated on Jan 2012. Let me know and thanks in advance for all the help.


I graduated with my BSN in March, passed the NCLEX first time in May, got an interview 10 days later, but it took another month before they offered me the job. I had one interview with the director of the unit and another with some of the staff and the assistant director. Be patient, these things can take time. I was lucky. Out of 34 graduates, only 5 have jobs so far, including me.

Best advice I can give is to USE YOUR CONNECTIONS! Don't be afraid to hit up the people you met during your clinicals, especially if you happened to get to know the director of nursing education. The Director of Nursing Education referred me to a position after hearing from a unit director looking for people. That is the ONLY way I got in. If I didn't have that connection, my name would be in a pile with 500 other new grads instead of being printed on a badge for one of the best hospitals in my area.

Good luck! Don't get discouraged!


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As was stated in the previous posts, expand your search. Look at your county or surrounding counties, some will post openings for Staff Nurse etc. you can request a job alert so that when a new position is posted you are sent an email, also the job posting for internal applicants will be posted at the local clinics etc. and sometimes with the managers contact information. If so even though you are an external applicant you can still express your interest and either request to meet the manager or email expressing your interest (this worked for with a position I applied to, the manager actually took the time to tell me of locations that had job openings and actually led to the job offer I just received). I understand your stress as I graduated in December and finally got a job offer. I applied to any job that I could and sent out over 160 applications with locations ranging from 5 to 100 miles from my home.

Make sure to have a friend or someone critique your resume/cover letter and customize it for each facility your are applying to. Sign up to volunteer, red cross, hospice, health clinics, etc. Just keep trying, and while you are waiting practice answering interview questions. I wish you the best, and just know that you are not alone in the search.

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