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  1. NurseMiri

    New Grad RN Job Search

    My advice would be to use ANY and ALL connections you may have. I did my Med-Surg II and Senior Practicum at the hospital I want to work at, and I got to know the Director of Clinical Placement very well. Since department directors come to her to ask...
  2. NurseMiri

    Job interview for New grad RN program! HELP!

    I just completed an interview on Wednesday. Some of the questions I got were: Why would your previous coworkers be sad to see you go? Why would they be glad to see you go? (Weird one!) Why should we choose you over the hundreds of other new gr...
  3. NurseMiri

    New Grad: Should I take Med/Tele job or hold out for ICU?

    I already am ACLS, PALS and NIH Stroke Scale certified. My main concern is that if no positions open up in the ICU, and I don't take the Tele position, I will have lost out on a new grad job which are so hard to come by. I know Tele is better than Me...
  4. Hey everyone, I am a new grad RN, BSN who has an interview on a Med/Tele floor next week. I did my senior practicum on the ICU and really want to have a career in critical care. I am ACLS, PALS, BLS and NIHSS certified. I talked to the ICU directo...