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Hi! I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on starting my nursing career in the Louisville area. I'm a new grad and will be moving there soon. I've applied at most all area hospitals and have had a difficult time getting much response out of the large hospitals such as Jewish, Norton, and Baptist East. Does anyone know anything about working at Floyd or Clark Memorial?

What is the current average pay for new grads starting in the Louisville area now?

Any and all info is MUCH appreciated!


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Both Floyd and Clark would be good places to apply. I like Floyd better but did a lot of school clinicals at Clark and enjoyed it as well. I just think Floyd is nicer. Have you looked at University hospital?

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Apply to University! They hire lots of new grads - including me and about 8 of my friends!

Thanks for the info! I was REALLY hoping to work at U of L. The program I just graduated from was an ADN program. I talked to their nursing recruiter and she said they're only hiring BSN grads now:( That might be the case with some of the other larger hospitals in Louisville too?? Can anyone give me any info about starting hourly wages for new grads in the area? Is it somewhat comparable between the larger and smaller hospitals? I know Floyd advertises that they're wages are competitive with the larger ones.

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For an ADN, you are probably looking at starting around $20-21. At least, that's how it is in Lexington.

NORTON HEALTHCARE in Louisville will hire ADN as long as you are planning on getting BSN. I work at Norton Brownsboro and LOOOOOOOVE IT!

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