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New grad who is irritated... what happened along the way??

by Epona Epona Member

Here is the scoop... I have had a few "initial" interviews. Everything seems to go fine with the first call with the recruiter. They tell me "Ok... the hiring manager should call you in the week. Mrs. Susie Que from the X unit will be in touch with you. Thanks!" Sometimes they have even told me how impressed they are with me and it was such a pleasure talking with me.......................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Then I hear nothing. Zilch. I call back to follow-up and the recruiter does not return my call. I go online a few days later and it says by application status "You are no longer being considered for this job. We wish you well in your career endeavors." WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? :eek: This has happened a few times now. Do they check your application and maybe find something, does the unit manager hire someone else in the meantime?? I cannot figure out what the problem is. I AM LOST FOLKS! :smackingf This is getting VERY OLD. :grn:

PS- I was a top graduate and have two degrees.

Well, at least you have found a rejection online. My applications, the ones I do online, go ignored.


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I'm sure you'll be "Linked" to a good job before too long... har har (just a little Zelda joke there...). You say you're a new grad. Give it time. You will land a job before too long, I'm sure. You may have to consider nursing jobs outside the hospital at first, if that's all you can find. Homecare, physicians offices, endoscopy practices, etc - any experience you get will be good experience. I wish you the best!

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The economy happened....and ruined the glorious opportunities that abounded....

In any case, depending on the part of the country you are in, there may or many not be new grad opportunities. Top of your class and two degrees sometimes is what they're looking for, and sometimes isn't. It seem the recent trend has been to go for new grads with prior hospital experience, whether it was being an LVN, or a tech, or whatever.

I would definitely look into opportunities outside of the hospital, anything you can get is a foot in the door.

And just know you are not alone, there are tons of new grad nurses without employment.

All the above are probably right on....but you might want to double check what your references are saying about you. Sometimes that is why the tide turns.


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often times what the recruiters say to you is "Scripting". Do not feel that you have a job until you sign on the dotted line. Be patient and understand that the economy does have an impact on whats happening. Many people with prior nursing experience may be getting the jobs faster. Its more economical for them to hire a nurse with experience than one without.

If your applying for a speciality area that may be a problem. If your applying to a hospital that does not have a mentorship/new grad program, that may also be a problem. Some companies even require a Gallop phone survey to move on to the next phase.

Share more information. Sorry for your frustrations. Keep looking and look near and far!


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I am experiencing the same thing. PSA home health called me to say that they will hire me per diem for $19/H..Per diem? I was shocked but I told the lady I am willing to take the job. I know I will not sign a contract for two years. I am student loan to pay back and this is ridiculous. I hope to hear back from them...I am still sending out applications daily.


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I'm so with you...second degree honors student and all the rest.

I'm getting a few interviews, and it might help you to know that in every researchable instance I've been edged out by a nurse with prior hospital experience. I'm getting rejection letters after interviews (no phone call)...just "thanks but we went with another candidate"...

I just keep applying and look at my daily rejections as proof that I'm doing my due diligence.

It stinks!

i got tired of hearing nothing and got "aggressive" when it came to contacting future employers on the advice of my mom.

im totally not an aggressive person, but her advice of squeaky wheel rang true for some reason.

it was hard and you have to get your ego out of the way and prepare to be rejected of course. but it helped me land my current job.

looking for a job is so frustrating anymore.

it took me a long time to find this job.

and two months from the time i got hired until the time i actually started.

sometimes the problem is with hr.

when i was a new grad ten years ago, it was totally different.

new grads seemed to be being hired more often than experienced rns. i got a dialysis job right after graduating and they are impossible to get in my area now...

im not so sure it has to do with experience vs new grad. we have a few new grads where i work who are excellent nurses.

but the job market sux, and so you have to work it i guess....

good luck to you!

be persistant

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Mykro I definitely think that experience has something to do with it. Recruiters and managers are having the economic pressures put down on them as well. As you mentioned it was easier for new grads a few years ago. They were probably edging out the experienced nurses who would have to be hired for more money to do the "same job". So now hospitals do not have orientation programs for new grads or they cut them short due to the budget. I work in administration and I hear this stuff everyday. Also some of the "older nurses" cannot afford to retire so they are still taking up the FTEs. There are also geographical determinants to this equation as well.

The more flexible you are...the more options you will have. The more you plan ahead the more options you will have.

I feel your pain..I'm trying to get in one of the two residency programs I applied to and so far no answer,this economical disaster hurts new grads tremendously. I wish I could see the end of it...:crying2::crying2::crying2:

Hello. Thanks everyone for all the responses. Yes. I am applying to all positions... anything... and all days and shifts. Home care, med-surg, etc. Nothing. I know my references pretty well and they told me they have given me stellar reviews. They are hiring like mad in my area for nurses, BUT they want nurses with at least one year experience. Here is the scoop... a friend of mine works for a hospital in a state next to me, and he has offered to get me a job there. That hospital has been in touch with me and I am going in May for an interview. They seem really interested in me. It is five hours away and I have a husband and a family, BUT I have told him it is for ONE YEAR while I get the experience. THEN I can come home and get a job HERE. Stinks, but looks like I will have to do it. I never imagined this! What can you do??!!

Good luck to all the new RN's!