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Hi everyone! I'm a recent RN new grad who has been working for about three weeks now. I have a 3 month orientation where I work with another nurse. I'm very grateful for where I am now in my young career, but I can't help but notice how overwhelmed I feel on some days. I try to do a much as I can when I'm on the floor, but find myself still leaning on my mentor RN from time to time (who is nice & helpful). I mean was just a student less than two months ago, and I still feel like I don't know anymore than I did then. It's quite a transition, but I guess the only way to get better is to work more to gain more experience. These are just some of my thoughts and feelings, what do you guys think?


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don't worry...a lot of us have been there.

When I was a new grad RN, I had a hard time getting everything done.

After 6 months it was better...after a yr ...definitely better.


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Your lucky. When I graduated, it was five days orientation and then I was left to fend for myself. Every day got a little bit better, but I swear that's when my hair started to turn grey.


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Hey B3dorca,

I'm a new grad RN (pending:bugeyes:) as well and I've been working for about a month now on a busy surgical unit. I have a mentor as well for 8 weeks. I feel overwhelmed as well sometimes!!... I don't think that this is just unique to us, but rather something that all new grads have to deal with. I think it's all just a part of transitioning from a student to the professional role. As Fiona59 and GlobalRN said, I think it gets a little bit easier each day as you perfect your skills, and learn the ropes. Good luck with your job and CONGRATS on your new career!!!:yeah::yeah:

Thanks for posting, it's comforting to know that it's not just me:D!!


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I'm a new grad as well. So far I've had 10 shifts of orientation and have 4 left to go, then I'm on my own. I'm starting to become very anxious. Although I do know I'll be ok (I think), it's just nerve wracking to think of all the things I have yet to learn.

I cannot seem to get past the feeling that I'm forgetting to do something, at the end of every shifts. I check and re check the MARS and charts and my worksheet, and know I haven't forgotten, but I still feel like I have. My mentor says that it's just the transition period because right now, noone's checking my charts and checking to make sure everything is done.

I sure hope I am ready to be on my own!!

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Even though your orientation will end, there will always be someone to ask or somewhere to look it up if you're unsure of something! Don't worry...everything will work out.


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Don't worry when your new people will help even when your orientation was over.

When mine was up was funny- 3rd day working someone left for a family emergency so my mentor got pulled to take her load and I was on my own. Supposed to be 15 shifts or something, but after that the charge was like "well you did great, your orientation is over"



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Yeah, don't worry....the 1st year is going to be tough. It takes a while to learn the specifics of the workplace and getting more comfortable with the assignments. I remember my beginnings...after working 12-13 hours straight with no breaks, at the end I felt so was the end of my shift and it felt like I won a battle.


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There are days when even an experienced nurse can feel overwhelmed. As long as you have supportive colleagues you will be fine! Have confidence in yourself & don't try to be "super nurse" s/he doesn't exist!!


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There are days when even an experienced nurse can feel overwhelmed. As long as you have supportive colleagues you will be fine! Have confidence in yourself & don't try to be "super nurse" s/he doesn't exist!!

Great little post :) how many new nurses (and instructors) need to realize that "super nurse" doesn't exist!!!

I'll try to remember that when I hopefully get my hands on a license :) although I'll tend to forget :heartbeat


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I am a new grad. I was offered a job recently on a busy med, surg unit in a hospital and turned it down. My knees are not so good, that is why. I did shadow the unit for a full shift so I did get a feel for it. I do work PRN for a docs. office. I am still learning, BUT DO NOT FEEL OVERWHELMED. I know I am not learning the 'hard core' stuff at the docs. office, but I feel comfortable. I am still learning things. There is still charting and all. If I have a ques. the experienced nurses are right there. We also jump in and help each other out. My personal opinion, is that all nurses should start in a docs. office. You will build up confidence and learn at a reasonable pace. Just my 2 cents. Then you can move on if you wish. I am happy with my job. :p

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