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  1. MobileNurseSara

    How do you deal with a rude co-worker?

    HAHAHA! Love it! I'll have to share with my colleagues...someone is bound to give it a try!
  2. MobileNurseSara

    How do you deal with a rude co-worker?

    He's been reported many, many times. As with many other rampaging MDs in my facility. The MDs are treated like Gods and the hospital wouldn't want to lose them
  3. MobileNurseSara

    Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.

    I've said those too. There was a girl who kept talking on her cell in super annoying "Valley Girl" talk circa 1990, but talked normal when her mom was in the room. So I said "OMG! As if! Like why are you being so like totally annoying?!" I do kinda regret this one, but it worked.
  4. MobileNurseSara

    Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.

    There are few things that frustrate me more than neglect no matter how "insignificant" it may seem. People don't seem to realize that neglect is a form of abuse. A while back, I had a pt who came in with toenails that CURLED and went under her toes. They must have been at least 6" long each. I'm talking World Record style. Anyway, they smelled HORRIBLE. Feet were swollen and red. Full of ulcers from the toenails resting against the skin and digging away at it. When I b#$@#ed the family out about it semi-nicely, they said that she always wore socks when they were around. I felt my brains hit the ceiling when my head exploded. It took the med nurses MONTHS full of qid soaks and weekly foot care to get this poor LOL's feet in slightly better shape. She had to go into the OR and undergo a GA just to get them cut by a foot care nurse. I wanted to kick some butt. Argh! This poor lady ended up going septic and dying. Guess where the infection originated? Yup...the ulcers from the toenails.
  5. MobileNurseSara

    How do you deal with a rude co-worker?

    A fellow nurse got screamed at over the phone by an on-call MD for calling with a request for a STAT order. This particular MD is known to go on "rampages" on the nurses far too often. The situation got us talking about how we deal with him one nurse said she bangs the phone on the desk until the yelling stops, one just hangs up and calls back, one will hang up and call any other on-call regardless of if a consult is written if necessary, one will just continue to say "Dr.__, Dr.__, Dr.__..." until he stops yelling. Figured I'd ask here as I was curious as to how others deal with rude co-workers...
  6. MobileNurseSara

    Ontario hospitals who don't hire RPNs?

    Just out of curiousity. I had read in another post that there were some hospitals that didn't hire RPNs and that was new info to me. RPNs are certainly a valuable part of the nursing and multidisciplinary teams.
  7. MobileNurseSara

    Iphone and Ipod touch for nursing

    As far as I know, the iPod Touch does have all the abilities of the iPhone except that of the phone, SMS (although you can download apps that make that possible over WiFi I believe), and you need to be connected to WiFi to use the internet and for apps that require internet connection. So, if your hospital has WiFi access, the Touch would be equivalent when it comes to medical/nursing apps. If not, I'd go for the phone :)
  8. MobileNurseSara

    My Papa. Why I Am The Nurse I Am Today.

    i was bawling by the time i got to the end of your story and then again after reading the post by cjsbaskets. thank you both for sharing.
  9. MobileNurseSara

    Career Change after Nursing

    What is it exactly about nursing that you don't like? What area are you working in?Maybe trying new area(s) would be a good option before leaving the nursing profession? Otherwise, you could do 1 year of teachers college and work as a teacher. Comparable pay, but I believe it is difficult to find a job in most areas. What about management positions? Good luck in whatever path you choose!
  10. MobileNurseSara

    RPNs in Ontario

    In my area it's pretty impossible to get FT as a RPN now. Where you like to work is very personal and can't be generalized as one is "better" than the other. Personally, I did not like working in the nursing home at all, but some people love it. As for the stuck up thing, I'm not sure where that came from, but that's a personality thing.
  11. MobileNurseSara

    Ontario hospitals who don't hire RPNs?

    Everyone has an area that they absolutely love and those they hate, but you can't know until you try I've done Palliative, Peds, ICU, Medicine, Surgery (& LTC as a student) and ER is the one place that I am just so happy to go to every day. It's always new & exciting.
  12. MobileNurseSara

    Ontario hospitals who don't hire RPNs?

    Our hospital is beginning to hire some RPNs into the ER, but they are only in our clinical decision unit (mostly admitted pts waiting for med-surg beds or waiting for test results). They are obviously not caring for unstable pts and they are always working alongside a RN...there are many mixed feelings whether they should even be allowed to work in CDU with a RN or not, but for the time being they're there. ETA: I'm a RN not a RPN.
  13. MobileNurseSara

    New grad feeling overwhelmed - my thoughts

    Even though your orientation will end, there will always be someone to ask or somewhere to look it up if you're unsure of something! Don't worry...everything will work out.
  14. MobileNurseSara

    Ontario hospitals who don't hire RPNs?

    I was reading the post below about some GTA hospitals that don't hire RPNs...does anyone know of other Ontario hospitals that are RN only? Thanks in advance :)