New Grad Dilemma: Best experience for 1st time position only in hospital?

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I really have no idea how to word this question, so I hope the title isn't confusing.

For all new grads and 1st time nurses, would a hospital position be the only/best experience?

I guess what I am trying to ask this the only way to gain initial experience if you want to go further in nursing?

From what I have read, nursing opens many doors and there are many things nurses can go into, later on. However, in order to go up the ladder, one needs experience.

Am I right in assuming that it should be a main goal, of all new grads/1st time nurses, to land a hospital position? I'm assuming the best places to gain general experience are in the following: OR, ER, ICU, Telemetry, Labor & Delivery, Pediatrics, etc.--depending on what you are going into.

Also, I would assume that if you feel you are staying in Geriatrics, that it would be acceptable to go directly into the nursing home scene to gain experience, in that I right?

If my question is confusing, please clarify. Please also keep in mind that I am asking this from a new grad/1st time nurse point of view...basically, those with no prior experience who need to establish themselves.

I just feel that new grads are pretty much conditioned into thinking that hospitals and nursing homes are where they should be aiming to land their first jobs, if possible.

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If your goal is geriatrics then a nursing home would be fine. The way I look at it each working environment has its own set of working conditions and patient types. You should look for what is the best fit for you. The hospital is, of course, where the highest acuity patients are, and these can be intellectually some of the most challenging. I think you are asking if the hospital is the only "real" place to work and then I would say no. Good luck.

I am in the same boat as you. I am eager to hear the replies of others.

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Also, I would assume that if you feel you are staying in Geriatrics, that it would be acceptable to go directly into the nursing home scene to gain experience, in that I right?

If you're going into geriatrics, going into any adult hospital unit would be just as good. Considering the majority of the adult hospital population is geriatric. (maybe with the exception of trauma units).

I think the hospital is what many schools condition you towards is because it gives a really good foundation to start with no matter what your goals in nursing is. Not to mention it will probably be where you will use the most of what you learned in school (since most of nursing school is just general med/surg, and that's what type of unit most new grads go into to start with).

So I guess hospitals are pretty much the only way to gain new grad experience. Well, meaningful experience anyway.

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Some experience is still better than no experience. You may have your ideal job in mind and certainly you should pursue pursue it, but if you can't get a hospital job it's better to take some other nursing position. Even if it's not acute care, it's still better than having nothing on your resume 1-2 years after school.

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U should consider doing one year (at least) on say a busy med/surg ward as the good, solid experience will stand u in good stead in later years. I know people who haven't had this experience and they struggled with basic things later on. U will learn a lot on general wards so don't dismiss it so easily. Also I try to see it as a challenge everyday I am on there (though I don't do general ward work all the time). U need experience to move into other fields (in Aust anyway).

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