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New grad ADN can't find a job

aabrego1 aabrego1 (New) New

I have applied to so many jobs and I can't even get an interview all my application status go to NOT HIRED or to NOT UNDER CONSIDERATION .

Or they just stay at APPLICATION RECEIVED

All the jobs I apply to say new grad will be considered

idk where to apply anymore

houston/pasadena/texas city

Dallas Texas. Parkland is having a new hospital next year. They need a lot of nurses. good luck

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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With an ADN, you will probably have much better luck by focusing on non-acute settings because most hospitals in the Houston metro area are well established on the BSN-only pathway for new grad hires. Be sure to take a look at the LTAC as well as LTC market.

Best of luck to you in your job search.

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

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Most in Dallas are BSN only as well when it comes to new grads. They also only hire new grads via internships that start twice a year and are heavily competitive. Parkland does hire ADNs but getting into their internship program is no cake walk.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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houston/pasadena/texas city
Look into the specialty hospitals such as Triumph, Reliant, HealthSouth, Kindred, and so forth. The LTAC hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals and other types of specialty facilities tend to be more open-minded about hiring new grads. In addition, the BSN degree is not yet a requirement for entry level nursing jobs at these places.