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New CNA *vent*

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Well, ill start off by saying that i am 23, i recently became a CNA in the state of CA in the beginning of May with hopes of becoming an RN...

I began my first job as a CNA about two months ago and i hate it entirely. So much to the point that I almost wasnt to resign as a future RN. I work NOCs full time and i have a toddler, the two dont go hand in hand. I work all night and want to sleep almost all day! I never have energy to spend with my family. And not to mention the pay is terrible, i know someone who works at a warehouse for Domino's pizza making $4.50/hr more than i do!!!

Let me state exactly what i dislike about being a CNA (because although there are difficult patients, they are bot the issue, nor is the care that i am required to provide for them)

-My charge nurse is completely disrespectful and rude and pretty much takes advantage of the fact that i am new and naive

-When i was hired, they promised me that i would get a PM shift and then gave it away to someone else

-They have messed up my schedule 3x and ive had them call me at 11pm to ask me where im at and that i am supposed to work when i wasnt and then got threatened for a no call no show

-The other CNAs are always pressuring me to lie about vital signs when i come to them for help (and i hate that because i am not a liar)

- Everyone i work with is always so unhappy and just ****** at everyone for no reason

I really dont know what to do. I dislike this job so much already i cant see myself being here for much longer. If it wasnt for the fact that i want this to be my career, i would just walk out of this building right now and never look back.

Any words of encouragement/advice would be nice or similar experiences. :) im trying hard to look past all of the cons and focus on the pros but its so difficult.


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What's keeping you from quitting? This job will have little if any impact/influence on a future nursing career. I don't know if this is a hospital or nursing home, but If I really wanted to stay (and I don't know why you would after the way you've been treated), I'd speak to the manager or director about evening shift, and the other issues you mentioned. Otherwise, I'd hand my 2week notice in today.


I just turned 24 and been a CNA since I was 18. I am also starting school in October for nursing. I totally see my story in what you just wrote and can sympathize. I can tell you it DOES get better at more reputable facilities. My advice to you is to find a different place to work. In hindsight you worked hard to get your license, work just as hard to protect it. Network and research potential employers. You can vent to us anytime!

I would just say suck it up, your young so a little adversity isn't gonna kill you, but the pay thing is really what I find intolerable when it comes to CNAs and the workload.

Its a crime CNAs make so little money in some places. This is very hard, difficult and even dangerous work. Permanent back injuries are a serious risk and you are exposed to contagious diseases almost daily, not to mention assaults, even from an elderly patient can still cause injury.

Its not just the disrespect to the CNAS, its total disrespect to the patients who are totally dependant on stressed out, overworked, angry, disillusioned workers living in poverty.

Just use it as motivation to finish Nursing school. I did my "time" in LTC. 2 years worth, and I survived it. Just make sure you protect your back. You don't get another one.


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Look for other jobs. Keep working this one until you can get out, but start looking!

Document, document, document. Fill out applications for other facilities. Hang in there. I completely understand your frustrations.

Hi, I've worked in ltc for ten years. If I was u I would run for the hills. Find somewhere else to work. Don't let other cnas run u, they will try to walk all over u because u are nice. I have had my fair share of nurses and cnas that think they can run u over. Just remember its not about them its about the patients and the quality of care u give. Go to the administration tell them ur concerns. Best of luck to you.

I became a CNA out of highschool at 18 (my high school had a career tech program) and i worked as a CNA for 3 yrs and loved it.. I'm going to be renewing my liscence at the end of the year in hopes to work part time while i go through the nursing program...dont let this experience hinder your journey...as other posters stated start looking for other jobs and good luck with everything

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Sounds like sketchy place to work. You can find a facility that is better or home health