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new circulator


I just wanted you all to know that I just got hired on as a RN circulator. I am so excited!

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That's awesome, congratulations! :D Is OR a new area for you? Just curious... My only OR experience is from nursing school, and I recently applied for a circulator job as well... hopefully will get an interview after next week (they hired a new director and won't start interviews until then)! Keep us posted on how it goes :)

Yes this is my first experience with OR other than nursing school . I just always loved it so I figure go for it and I got it. Oh and I don't even graduate rn school til this Monday

Circulating task can be very tiring and for me it requires seniority in an area cause the familiarity of the OR set up is very impt. and that only senior can gain this experience. Circulating task can be very enriching as you have the chance top witness and watch the flow opf procedures thus it can enhance your learning. Watch all the flow of surgeries and anlyze evry movements so that you can ask to yourself every steps in an operation. This is learning and scrub nurses misses this thing. Good Scrub always rely on a good Circulating to have a smooth surgery, so circulating must learn to scrub first in order to gain knowledge of what to anticipate in an operation.


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Congrats Nrsman! I just graduated last week and accepted a job in the OR as well, I can't wait! My orientation will be six months, including circulating and scrubbing.


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Congratulations to you! My best advice to you is to buy a pocket notebook and keep notes on every surgeon's likes and dislikes. Surgery is difficult to learn because there is so much to learn. Don't get discouraged. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're not comfortable with something, ask for help. When someone offers tips to you, don't respond by saying "I know" because you don't really know. It's going to take at least a year before you really start feeling comfortable with your skills. The OR is a great place to work and gets under your skin. I've been in the OR for 27 yrs. I tried other areas of nursing when I felt a little burnt out, but it wasn't long before I was right back in the OR. The grass is definitely greener in the OR. There's always new stuff to learn so it doesn't get stale. Keep us posted with your progress!


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Welcome to the OR family. Life behind the Red Line is definitely greener :)


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Congratulations!!!! Good luck!!! :yeah: