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Never get the job...


I have been a CNA for almost a year... And I have been looking for a hospital job, I literally apply for every PCT job at the local hospital. they hire for unit receptionists/pct's.

So far I have interviewed for ER & Maternity. The interviews went well, however the maternity one went really well, and I still don't have the job. Why is it so hard to get it? I have a resume of office jobs, then my CNA jobs, and at least 6-7 letters of recommendation and a page of people who are legit references...

The Maternity job seemed ideal, I could really do well there. The ER job was really fast paced and I could understand them wanting someone with experience.

I'm almost 25. Have worked since I was able to... Been on my own since I was 17. Literally graduated high school on a Friday and worked that Monday full time. It's not like there's been any gaps in employment or anything bad I've done. I have done well for myself. Became a CNA almost a year ago and plan on pursuing my RN next year. But I still would be working.

I don't understand. I have applied to everything. Med surg, ACU, maternity, ER...

Sorry, just frustrated!

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Do not give up...keep your name in their...hospitals are like giant sleeping dragons...keep poking....then watch out-once "awake" it will be all you have to keep up with the whirlwind. Be bold! Took me almost a year to get my first hospital gig as a pct...I continue to work there as a RN! Perseverance pays...

Got an email saying they filled the Maternity position. I'm so frustrated lol. :(


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When your applications keep getting ignored, and interviews only lead to refusals, it's hard not to take it personally. :hug:

I'm so willing to learn phlebotomy and ekgs for the ER... And the maternity one was a little easier. She made it seem like I had a rly good chance and she seemed to rly like me. I don't understand. I just hope I find something... The LTC place I'm at is falling apart, and I don't rly get to do or learn much there.

Sorry but at least your not unemployed. So thats good. Just keep applying for everything, maybe supplemental or limited PT positions to get your foot in the door. :)

I am so sorry I can understand the frustration and sadness of not getting what you have been striving for. But there is one hard fact about PCT jobs. There usually are a TON of apps for just one PCT posting. I am sure that the person that interviewed you did indeed like you, but there were probably about 7 other people that she really liked as well, and unfortunetly someone else got lucky this time.

But please take heart in knowing that if an interviewer of a hospital really liked you there is major hope that if you keep appling they will remember you from those 100 apps and you might have a better shot at getting a job at the next interview.

I'm feeling your frustration and sometimes it gives me a feeling like I'm not succeeding because I didn't get the job. I'm still on the job hunt for a PCT position in an ER.

I actually got a per diem ER spot which then lead to me getting hired in the ICU 2 days later. I'm actually training right now in the ICU lol. Persistence pays off!

Ntvan07, congrats on getting hired. I have an interview with a nursing director soon and I hope I get this job in the ER PRN.

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"ntv07" has a good point. Sometimes you have to hire in as per diem and maybe even in a different department to get your foot in the door. I bet they are more likely to hire within for a position and a per diem position may not have as many applicants.

There are probably several internal applicants for the position that you (an outsider) are applying for.

Don't give up. They will soon start to recognize your name and may even remember you at an interview!! :)

I want a per diem position. And yes I'm not giving up on this.