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Hi everyone! I saw a couple of thread regarding Roseman's nursing program but most of them are dated from 2012 or so. Anyways, I was curious if there is anyone currently in the 18 month program... Read More

  1. by   90sKidSayWhat
    Congrats on graduating! I will be graduating Roseman in 2019. Did you attend the Henderson campus, and if so, did you get job in the Las Vegas area?
  2. by   ger_bearr
    Quote from 90sKidSayWhat
    Congrats on graduating! I will be graduating Roseman in 2019. Did you attend the Henderson campus, and if so, did you get job in the Las Vegas area?
    Jiwan and I are cohort-mates! (HI @JIWAN!!!). We both went to the Henderson campus. I stayed in the Vegas area, passed my NCLEX on Feb 28, had a job interview for Valley Health System on March 7th (offered a job on the spot!!), then the next day got a call from the HCA StaRN Program to come for a panel interview. I stuck with Valley though since it was already set. I'm currently in my preceptorship, charting and stuff on 2 patients (but still helping with the remaining 4 of my preceptor's patient load). I know a lot of my classmates got positions in the StaRN program, like at least 15 people for the April Cohort, and I think some are getting interviewed for the July cohort. The rest of us are at Valley and some went out of state (California, Oregon, Washington mainly). For Valley Health, definitely look into open interviews and job fairs and just introduce yourself. HCA -- gotta go online and do the StaRN program. At the moment, Dignity Health (St Rose's) are on like a super hiring freeze.. and UMC and VA are just really hard to get into haha -- but if you got the connects, GO FOR IT! I've heard of other Roseman grads who weren't able to get into the acute care setting, starting off at a rehab and then applying in like 6mo-1yr to a hospital.
  3. by   90sKidSayWhat
    Congrats on your job and thank you for the informative response! I will keep my eyes peeled from those interviews and job fairs! Did the school ever host job fairs on campus with multiple facilities coming in to do interviews?

    I heard the same about St. Rose being on a hiring freeze and that it seems as though hiring is sort of sporadic.

    Is Valley Health System also known as United Health System? i think I've seen them both used interchangeably. I have noticed that most of the job openings at Valley Health Systems are Med Surg and that the StaRN program takes new grads into Critical Care, any truth to that from your knowledge?
  4. by   ger_bearr
    I mean, probably look into those job fairs more towards the end of the program. Roseman didn't really have job fairs on campus, the student orgs would sometimes have recruiters come and speak though.

    Yeah, I mean the did just lose De Lima and like opened a bunch of clinics around town so I think they're looking to place their displaced experienced staff and whatnot.. as opposed to paying for the training of a bunch of new grads lol

    Close - UHS is Universal Health Services, our parent corporation... so all the Valley hospitals (centennial, spring valley, summerlin, desert springs, henderson, desert view in Pahrump) are all under the valley health system, which is under UHS.
    Most jobs everywheeeree for new/grads are in med-surge. But it's certainly possible to get into the specialty fields for both Valley and HCA (StaRN) - I mean there are new grad internship programs for ICU/IMC/ED/L&D/etc. within both healthcare systems. It really depends on what positions are available tbh.
  5. by   Guest05/05/18
    Is the admissions for the BSN at Roseman only once a year? When does the application cycle open?
  6. by   navreet_garcha
    Hello All!
    I'm planning on applying to Rosemans BSN program for fall 2019. I currently have a 3.60 GPA and got a 74.5% on the TEAS exam. For all of you that are in the program, do you think my scores and gpa are competitive enough to get an interview or hopefully get admitted to the program?
  7. by   UORapplicant
    I have a question from people who are in the program or graduated. How is the P/F grading system going to affect your chances of getting into a respectable graduate school? Are they still not giving letter grades? What GPA do you guys get on your transcript?