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  1. LorraineC

    Napa Valley College Spring 2020

    Confirmation from Napa? No, but I sent mine return receipt and priority with tracking, so it was confirmed that they received it via those 2 things.
  2. LorraineC

    Napa Valley College Spring 2020

    I’m taking pharmacology now at Solano Community College and drug dosage calculations in the fall at Contra Costa College. What about you? Best of luck to us! I hope to see you there!
  3. LorraineC

    Napa Valley College Spring 2020

    Hi! I applied 6/10 at 0903 since Margarita Ceja told me that they really go by time applied. I tried to get as close to 0900 as possible.
  4. Hi Everyone, Has anyone applied to the Napa Valley College ADN program for Spring 2020? Does anyone know when we are supposed to hear back regarding acceptance? My anxiousness is at an all time high, especially since if I don't get in here, I'll likely have to go to a private college and I really would rather go to a CC.
  5. LorraineC

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    Try Craigslist and local papers/classifieds for a roommate. Maybe an inexpensive place if you can find one that would cost the same as your half of the bills/rent.
  6. LorraineC

    Pharmacology Flashcards

    These are so helpful! Thank you so much!