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OK here goes... I took MATH 124 at UNLV and only got a C grade. Problem one: I need a B grade. Problem two: I already took the class three times (once I dropped and the other time I failed). ... Read More

  1. by   jmmarie
    I was curious as to what they said about your math courses. I am sort of in the same dilemma.
  2. by   anie10
    Quote from jmmarie
    I was curious as to what they said about your math courses. I am sort of in the same dilemma.
    They had an uncompromising disposition towards accepting my entire Health Sciences (which hits all their pre-reqs/requirements for PreNursing) degree - they would pick apart my classes. Additionally, the courses I am taking for my concurrently earned Spanish Degree wouldn't even count, for anything - not lower division Spanish, not humanities - NOTHING.

    I was told to take Math 245 (Los Angeles designation, i think is College Algebra), which had me taken aback considering the stakes are higher for UC's and Cal States expect more gen eds. Plus, at this juncture, I have met or exceeded the requirements for both of my state systems. And when I spoke to them, i determined their "method" for swiftly disqualifying people for 10 years (yes, you have to wait 10 whole years and of course your sciences expire).

    Needless to say, I am no longer interested in their program. I wish all who pursue the program well, though! I am not a hater, lol!
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  3. by   moneyline702
    I am O-U-T at UNLV. They flat out said NO!! I am not sure I want to even go to NSC. I may just go the CSN route and get my ADN (If only there weren't even more fierce competition to the ADN program). Now I have heard all over this site and others that if you can get your BSN. But damn, I am getting a BA in Chemistry. That and an ADN is enough!!

    Gimme a damn break already, NEVADA!!!!!!!!

    I am already getting my tail kicked trying to get a doggone CNA job out here. I mean you complain about a "nurse shortage" (insert BIG-AZZ joke here) but make ZERO provisions to acquire more. I am not saying everyone should get in.I believe that if you do get in and aren't supposed to be there you'll weed yourself out.
  4. by   vegasmomma
    Hi there UNLV nursing students! I am just applying for fall semester and would like to hear your stories and experiences at UNLV so far!
  5. by   onemoreday
    I just want to keep this thread going-
    I just started pre-nursing at UNLV, and have a BA in Biology already (class of 2010 from Arcadia University). I do have to take a ton of pre reqs also. I'm doing CLEP for a few- psych and sociology because those don't count towards the points system anyways. Some things I learned from the advising sessions and orientation:

    1. I had taken Microbio and gotten a C (you need at least a B). However, I took a 300 level Micro and they are looking for a 200 level Micro, so this WILL NOT count against me and not count as a "try" (you only get two tries to get a B). If I had gotten a B in that 300 level Micro, he (the academic health sciences adviser) would have used that and I wouldn't have to take it again. I'm not too upset because I better ACE this Micro class. It's annoying that I have to pay for it again. I have to retake chem too- although I made it to Organic Chem (300 level), I only ever pulled a C in all my chem classes. I have to take Anatomy and Physiology because I only took Comparative Anatomy (animal systems, not human).

    2. I'm still out of state, hope to apply for residency by summer term. By then I will have lived here a year.

    3. Because I'm still paying a lot for out of state tuition, I'm only taking one course (NURS 299) and CLEP for psych and soc. This is online but isn't up on my Webcampus yet.. Class starts tomorrow so I hope it comes up today!

    4. UNLV will accept MA 120 as CLEP but not MA 124. However, the best grade you can pull for a CLEPed course is a low B/3.0 so if you are confident in your math abilities, they suggest taking the course- it's only 100 level after all- and trying to earn an A.

    List of pre reqs I have to take, off the top of my head:
    Psych, Sociology, US and Nevada Constitution, MA 120 or 124, Chemistry, Microbio 200 level, Anatomy and Physiology I and II

    I plan to shove a bunch of these in the summer terms- Math, Constitution (it's a history course), Micro, and maybe A&P I if it's offered. I'll spend the fall on Chemistry and A&PII (Chemistry was always my science weakness).
  6. by   IRISHLUCK
    Is it possible to start taking summer classes this summer as a freshman or do you have to wait and start in the fall? I'd like to knock out a few pre-reqs if I can and I'll also be taking a few at CSN to try to get ahead of the game.