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  1. California RN moving back to UK - NMC app questions

    I'm in Suffolk - came for my spouse's job. it was a wild time to move but I came in late January and -just- missed the mandatory hotel quarantine by like a week. Had to stay in my house for ten days but half of it was sleeping off jet lag anyways. I ...
  2. NMC Application Police Report

    confirmed! I did the FBI check and it went through fine. went through RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.
  3. New-ish US RN trying to find a job in Manchester UK

    hey @app22 did you ever progress in getting with the NMC and getting work? I'd love to know! Interestingly there are a few places in Manchester that are owned by HCA UK, which is the UK branch of a big conglomerate that owns hospitals in the US....
  4. New-ish US RN trying to find a job in Manchester UK

    I would start here, at the NMC's website: they have a whole checklist and timeline. You can take the CBT in your country if you find a pro...
  5. California RN moving back to UK - NMC app questions

    Hi! Maybe this is out of date for you now, but have you figured this out? I'm a US nurse that moved to the UK and am in the process now. I'd like to hear your updates! If you haven't moved yet... (or if someone is reading this looking for h...
  6. NMC Application Police Report

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm a US nurse that's already in the UK, so I am getting an FBI clearance (Identity History) and submitting that. At some point I will probably have to do a British police clearance as well bc I've been on British soil l...
  7. US RN moving to London UK

    I'll be coming from Missouri too! thanks for sharing your info and your timeline.. I already have a visa and work visa through my spouse's job in the UK but on the other hand I'm worried about chasing down US paperwork when I'm already in the UK.
  8. Hi!

    I saw your posts about your husband getting orders to Lakenheath. I wanted to reach out to you because I'm in the same boat, almost- my husband is going to Lakenheath, though not military, DOD civilian. He is going this week and I plan to join him early 2021 after I graduate nursing school.


  9. New grad military spouse RN moving to UK

    @Hilary Bates thanks for updating! It sucks you couldn't get an RN job I will be joining my spouse (DOD civillian working for USAF at Lakenheath) after graduating from nursing school in a year and a half. We did discuss me working somewhere for 6 mon...
  10. American Nurses in U.K

    So I get that healthcare isn't exactly free, since you get it taken out of your paycheck- but you can't go medically bankrupt, like you can in America? I live in the US and part of my paycheck goes into my employer-provided healthcare, but then I hav...
  11. US RN moving to London UK

    I am following this thread closely because I will be moving to the UK from the US in about a year and a half! But I'll be coming as a new grad ? My spouse was offered a US government job in Suffolk and they'll be moving there this week. I had alrea...
  12. Full-time CNA full-time student

    Did you manage? I would say talk to your manager or whoever does the schedule. Your manager probably hired you and knew you'd be in school, lots of CNAs are. Your coworker is not your boss.
  13. Not related but I drove through Sioux Falls once and stopped for a meal and I thought the town was so cute! I would go back. Related, I also just got in to a ABSN that's 18 months.
  14. IVs and Tattoos

    I've used one of those vein finders in tatted skin and it's helpful but only gets you so far, especially if the tattoo is very patterned. It doesn't give you much in terms of depth. Definitely try to feel for the vein. Feel the bounce. And be confide...
  15. loans

    It's hard to say if one is truly better than the other. I would think working while in school is good, and paying as you go- no debt carried over means no interest. But I have not been able to work and focus on school and actually have all the money ...