NSC SPRING 2018 hopefuls

  1. Hi guys, I'm currently finishing up my prerequisites at CSN and some at NSC in the summer and fall to apply for the nursing program in spring 2018 if not summer 2018. During the summer I will take chem 112 at nsc for the first session and on the second session I will take span 111 with medical terminology. During the fall I plan to take Pathophysiology with Nutrition both at NSC. Do you guys think it's doable to take patho with nutrition because it seems that everyone has been telling me that patho is difficult already by itself. But then again I took my AP 2 with Micro along with 2 other electives before. So I'm not really sure if I should just take nutrition with chem 112 during the summer or just wait to take it with patho in the fall session? Any advice from former graduates or current students that are applying to the NSC program would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!
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  3. by   hearthappiness
    I've been told Chs 412 is easy but patho is hard and a advisor told me if both are taken together it's hard .
  4. by   FitNurse_92
    Ohh wow really. They advised me to take patho and chs 421 together in the fall. Are you also applying for the program in spring/summer 2018?
  5. by   hearthappiness
    Yes really. I'm hoping to apply for summer or fall 2018
  6. by   Carissa79
    I just finished up Patho and while it was challenging, it was not too bad if you put in the time. CHS was a breeze! Not hard at all. A little bit of busy work but the material was very easy. I would say you could absolutely handle both classes together
  7. by   FitNurse_92
    Thank you for the feedback! I already enrolled for patho and chs for fall semester. This summer I finally got bump up from the waitlist for chem 112 so ill be taking that with Med term and Spanish. Do you need to take any more classes? Will you also be applying for spring or summer? I might apply to spring just in case but I really want to get in to the summer program since it's much shorter than spring program
  8. by   Carissa79
    This was my last semester of pre-reqs. I am submitting my application and will hopefully start the full time track in August. This semester I took pathophysiology, chem 112 and statistics. I lucked out and got an AWESOME chem 112 teacher. I was scared of chem but it turned out to be one of my easier classes. I'm taking the TEAS on May 9th. Hopefully all goes well!
  9. by   FitNurse_92
    Oh that's awesome! Can you message me the name of ur professor privately? Since you can't post it on here. Thank God I'm done with teas. I'm sure you'll do great! Goodluck! Lmk if you have questions about the teas exam!
  10. by   Carissa79
    I tried to PM you but it won't let me because I am a new member. The lady I took chem with was great! She taught Chem on saturdays this last semester. (Spring 17) maybe you can look on the schedule and see who it was. She was the only one who taught it on saturdays. The teas was not as bad as I thought! I just applied to start full time in the fall. Fingers crossed I am able to get in.
  11. by   FitNurse_92
    Oh okay I know exactly who that prof is. I wanted to take her bc she had great reviews but she wasn't listed to teach this summer only for Fall. The one that I will be taking is the only lady that teaches chem at night time. It's starts from 5:30-9:15pm. I hope she's good although she didn't have any reviews on ratemyprof yet. Oh and I start class today btw! Not too excited about the drive since I'm coming from Centennial Hills. It's probably 30-40mins drive lol. Anyway, Congrats on the Teas! You'll get in for sure!
  12. by   Carissa79
    Thank you! Good luck in class tonight! I am sure you will do great I know the feeling about the drive, I live in Summerlin so I know exactly how you feel.
  13. by   Twinsmama28
    How was it taking AP2 and Micro at the same time? I too am planning to apply for 2018 and I know some people have said not to take 2 sciences at the same time? Also are you taking Chemistry, medical terminology, pathology etc before you apply to the program?
  14. by   FitNurse_92
    AP2 was a little more difficult for me than AP1 and Micro was easier to comprehend than the two. I no longer work so I have more time on my hands. For me it's definitely doable but I wouldn't recommend it to someone that has a job. It's not that hard but its just the pressure and stress that gets to you. I had Ap2 on MON/WED class while Micro on a TUES/THURS class. When I have an exam for Ap2 i'll have a lab quiz for micro and another exam the next week. It was so overwhelming! You really just have to manage your time and take good notes and great professors! I always check my profs on ratemyprof first lol. My micro class professor was the best that's probably why I felt it was easier than Ap2. I took both at CSN btw. And I was able to manage to get an A- on both while taking an online class which was anthropology. I'm taking Chem 112 right now at NSC, med term online at csn this summer. Nutrition, patho and spanish is all I have left for Fall.