Las Vegas Strike?

  1. I keep hearing about a stike in Las Vegas. Anyone know what the issue behind the strike is?
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  3. by   gitterbug
    Heard on another site unsafe work loads, lack of assistance, supplies, poor pay, and inadequate benefits were all mixed in the nurses issues. Sound like a normal shift to me.
  4. by   MikeyJ
    It has nothing at all to do with pay or benefits. It has everything to do with unsafe nursing practices. There are 3 hospitals who all plan to strike because of very unsafe nursing ratios. Most of the med/surg nurses are required to take on 10+ patients during their shifts, and I have heard of ICU nurses mandated to take on up to 5 patients. THe hospitals refuse to hire more nurses.
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    Dec. 3, 2006, 9:24PM
    Talks rejected, Vegas nurses near strike

    Talks rejected, Vegas nurses near strike | - Houston Chronicle

    ...Union leaders says Universal Health, the company that owns the hospitals, has been short staffing its facilities and driving nurses and technicians out of the industry. Management executives deny the accusations and say the strike would not effect their ability to care for patients. ...
    Channel 4 Local News and Weather for Reno-Tahoe Region: Nurses Strikes Looming At Two Las Vegas Hospitals
    Gov.-elect, other officials try to avert Las Vegas nurses' strike
    ...Valley Health began preparing for the strike by installing fences around parking lots of the two hospitals....
    Las Vegas SUN: Gov.-elect, other officials try to avert Las Vegas nurses' strike
  6. by   trulypampered
    The major issue is Nurse-Patient Ratio. They are on strike as of today.
  7. by   akcarmean
    It is really to bad that it has come to this. We all work hard and the patients deserve better care than in those conditions. I can't say I blame them. Hope things will get worked out soon but from the reports doesn't sound that way.

  8. by   gitterbug
    Is there any news regarding the strike? I think the nurses in LV area should support this cause if they want better working conditions and better patients outcomes. Come on, give us some news.
  9. by   Race Mom
    las vegas sun: measuring health care
    my mouth is still dropped on this one! read a quote from the article in the paper below...

    ann savin, system director for quality for the valley health system, which operates the two hospitals, says the numbers compiled by the government and joint commission are accurate, but "quality is very difficult to measure."

    savin said there is no direct correlation between higher nurse-to-patient ratios and the quality of care, even though it makes intuitive sense.

    "sometimes we make more errors when we have more nurses on," savin said. "they're distracted. they're talking among themselves."
  10. by   Race Mom
  11. by   gitterbug
    The nurses who were "locked-out" of their jobs should take every measure to obtain legal recompense from these facilities. Nurses who are "strike-breaking" may feel they are doing patients a service, but they are really just lining their pockets.