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do you routinely do bp's on all healthy term newborn's? if you do are they 1 extremity or all 4? any input on this is appreciated. we are in the process of changing our policy. now we just do 1 random bp and our manager would like to see us do 1 set of all 4. according to her aap reccomends no bp for neonates. where i worked before, we did bp's w/ babies who had murmurs or were supected volume depletion. do you guys feel these bp's are necessary for all newborns? i know we could miss a coarc and this is our manager's thinking.::confused: :o


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Never do it on healthy term babies. I really don't think it's necessary routinely. We are trying to get away from being so monitor/VS obsessed and look at the whole picture. Had the same problem with healthy term babies having BGMs done in the nursery, which they have stopped.


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i tend to gree w/ you. i also think if you collect this data and it's not interpreted correctly or ignored, you make yourself liable. i can see taking them based on risk factors, but then again, i am not the manager. thankfully! i'd like to see if what is the standard around the country. i get tired of trying to make all of our healthy kids nicu babies.


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We never do them on regular healthy kids, only if they start acting sick.


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We don't do them either.


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not on routine healthy neonates.

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Not on healthy babies, only on icn admits or if one is specially ordered by the doc after a heart murmer has been heard.


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We do 1 random BP on admission. If a murmur is detected, we do BP's x 4 extremities.

Not in Well Baby nursery. And only on extremities x4 if ordered. ie; Only 1 on a diabetic mom admit, x4 on preemie.


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We don't do them on healthy newborns.

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