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How do you deal with new negligent nurses? No hello in am, no thank you... no respect...what’s wrong with people? Thank you for your replies

Negligent? No, not based on what you've posted here.

Rude? Possibly, assuming that you're greeting them in the morning and thanking them and they don't respond on kind. Have you reached out to them? As you say they are new nurses it's possible they don't see themselves as members of the team?

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I'm thinking a little more information is needed here. Why would you think a failure to introduce yourself and say please or thank you is negligent? I don't even get how you jumped to a lack of respect much less negligence based on what you wrote.


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Definitely need more info here. Maybe OP had an autocorrect and didn't mean negligent?

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15 hours ago, teddy2009 said:

How do you deal with new negligent nurses? No hello in am, no thank you... no respect...what’s wrong with people? Thank you for your replies

I am confused as well. Negligence does not mean what you mentioned above.

Also - just one thing to mention. If a nurse is new to a department, then he or she may feel awkward or ill at ease. It is often difficult to adjust to a new team, new job role, and maybe new role as a nurse (for new grads). There may be issues going on in that person's life - a death, medical condition, etc. I honestly do not take offense to someone not saying "hello" or "thank you". Generally, once a new member of the team feels comfortable and welcome, he or she becomes much more extroverted and talkative.


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as others stated above, not replying to a greeting is nowhere near negligent.

I worked nites for years and obviously at 0645 when dayshift starts filing in, I'm happy cuz the beautiful sunrise, I can go home to sleep & would always greet them with a beautiful smile & "GOOD MORNING JANE!" and I would usually get an eye roll as they sipped their coffee in reply, occasionally a "mornin" in a less-happy-than mine voice... Granted, this was in a smaller town hospital, not a huge 3000+ employee facility that takes 15 minutes to walk from your vehicle to your floor.

Maybe they aren't awake yet, their mind is still on a sick child/spouse or on a myriad number of other concerns. My thoughts would be as a brand new nurse (new grad or not) and not knowing other staff well, they're somewhat shy/quiet?

(note: while I wasn't quite as chipper starting my shift at 1900, I would always say "hi" or "good evening" when encountering another staff member, even visitors in the hall... )

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I find this posting a real symptom of heart-felt ignorance to site "negligence", given the litigation which almost always surrounds the word, for simple lack of perceived good mannerism. And an entertaining amount of profundity in psychology has already been alluded to in previous replies. Sadly seeds of existentialism are deeply sown into healthcare, and need to be weeded out through better education and organization, especially if nursing is ever going to crawl out of its infancy and stand among the "professions".