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  1. Hi I was told by my supervisor I can help a patient if I see they need help on how to take pills. Am I allowed to sort all meds into pill box for a week? Board of nursing - cannot find any info. Thank you !!!
  2. teddy2009

    Cardiac meds

    I am talking in general . I always ask md if I should hold cardiac meds. Just wanted experienced nurses to see what they would do in situations like that. I my fathers cardiologist - I just want to hear what the doctor will tell me
  3. teddy2009

    Cardiac meds

    Hi my question is Pt receiving amiodarone 200 mg and has a pacemaker. Bp 94/58. More experienced nurses tell me they would still give Med to pt. Same with BP meds without parameters. I always freak out. Cardizem, diltazem, carvedilol .... I am going to ask my fathers cardiologist when do you hold those meds. What irritates me there are no parameters and may be I am thinking too much... but if pacemaker set for pulse of 60 and bp below 100 would you still give it? Thank you for understanding

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