Negativity from Classmates


Is anyone else experiencing a great deal of negativity from classmates? I am finding that I have classmates, who do nothing but complain -

it's not fair that the teachers pick specific facts out of the texts to ask questions on

the teachers expect us to know how to do things, but they haven't gone over it from head to toe with us

there's too much paperwork

ehh, don't worry that you didn't get the H/H, just make one up for your nursing history for class

such 'n such instructor reads too much from the power point slides - lecture's a waste of time

such 'n such instructor doesn't put enough information on the power point slides and talks about each of them too much - I can't believe she didn't record the lecture

The list just goes on and on. Fortunately, I surround myself in class with students who are hard working and who seem to want to be there. Unfortunately, we don't get to pick our clinical group and I seem to have the most negative group of people this quarter. I cannot decide which is more difficult - the apathetic ones or the ones who are still so nervous walking into a patient's room that they need our CI holding their hand constantly.

I'm guessing it's like this everywhere. I just needed to vent a bit today.

I do generally avoid the ***** sessions. The are pointless and ultimately if these people aren't careful in their complaining it will get back to our instructors. I think it is counterproductive to potentiall burn bridges you may need.

I know how you feel!!!!!

I am the only person, well okay one of three out of 20, who stays positive and does not get involved with the cliques, gossip, or B**** Fests. I find that it keeps me motivated to learn and my grades are reflecting that staying in the positive works.

Mostly the whining and crying starts when the professor steps out, so I go out in the hall and have a snack or run to the library during these breaks. I also try to cheer people up and change the subjects, when I can.

Just stay out of it and don't let it get to you. I bet if the people in my class put half the effort they put into complaining about their poor grades into studying, they would have good grades and nothing to complain about. :idea:

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Get used to it because you may end up working with those type of people.

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I know exactly how you feel. I just avoid as much as possible and talk less. They can never see the positive in things. They always asked me my grades and when I tell them they b***** and moan because I made a passing grade and they didn't. All I can say is "well, you asked!" I don't do study groups b/c it doesn't help me. They complain about that but I know what helps me study and I'm sticking with it. They get made because I don't carpool with them. Really??? Yes! UGH!! Lol. But this is everywhere, not just nursing school.

I agree that it's everywhere to a certain extent. But, I am surprised by the amount I have encountered it since returning to college. Perhaps when I was 18 and in college I didn't notice it (hmmm, or I suppose I could have been a part of it). And the 15 years working in law firms I didn't notice this sort of attitude at all.


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Yup, some of my classmates are constantly complaining about our university's nursing school and the city in which the university lies and how they wish they were back home or how they should've went to another school. Sometimes I just want to tell them to move back home or go to another school if they hate it so much!!!!