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hi all! this is my first time posting on this site. I am a 29 year old single mother of a 12 month old. I was terminated from my job when I was 6 mos pregnant. So I've been unemployed for over a year. I don't want to go back to do what I used to do for 5 1/2 years which was retail sales. So have decided to pursue my career and go back to school. I have decided on North West college of Pasadena. Classes begin may 13 which is a little over a week away. I know lots of parents are able to complete the course and exam with no problem. But am having some reservations about just going with the program. First off the expense of the program. As I have mentioned I am a single parent and have very little help from my child's father. The course is going to cost $30k and im expected to pay some of the amount out of pocket and get out dreaded loans. I know I want a better future but am uncertain if this is the correct route to go with being so expensive. Also, ive been out of school for sometime and am nervous that all that money will go to waste if I cant pass the class. Lastly I am also in a tight bind with child care. I have never left my little one with anyone and she is very attached to me. Im afraid that she will take this bad and act out bc I wont be with her 24-7 as I am now. I just need some moral support that this is the best thing for me to do! and after the 15 months all of this will be worth it. I don't want to second guess my desire to succeed I just need affirmation that I am doing the right thing and it will be worth it. thanks

-nervous first time mom :nailbiting:


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UghtIm in a very similar situation but have a 10 month old. Im doing cna course for extra points so i can apply to RN program. Can you try and go to an lpn program at a community college? Many campuses offer on campus plus it would be alot cheaper and you'd probably get a lot of financial assistance. I put my very attached breast fed daughter in daycare she loves being with all the other babies and plays the hole time. You can toalways check on her or have someone check in on her various times of the day to make sure she is ok . Going back to school will pay off for her and you. Ive heard that lpn is phasing out so do your research. Dont worry about failing out, you will have that baby pushing you to get through that program.

There are scholarships for single mothers going to school. Look into that, to ease the financial burden and/or to help pay for child care. You can usually use scholarship money for school-related expenses such as transportation, computer, books, childcare, ect.


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Do you have help with childcare other than the daycare? I'm asking because if your child is sick they might want her to stay home,some child care centers also close for certain holidays and vacations.Nursing school can get crazy and your schedule can change without notice based on which clinical's are available.

LPN's are NOT going anywhere so I wish that rumor would end,its been around for years.Some hospitals want magnet status so they hire BSN's but there are plenty of places to work as an LPN.

Lastly, the issue with the cost.. If you cant get into a cheaper school because of wait lists I say do it..don't be like me and wait YEARS to get off if 3+ waiting lists..I eventually went to a private school anyways.I could have done that sooner.It was not my first choice, but it was the best choice because I was ready for my life to change.

As far as your baby, it will be hard to leave her, but this is best for your future and hers.You can do it!


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I would say you know better than anyone. You're the only one ultimately that will be doing it. I can tell you... It is possible. I'm a single father with a 6 year old and I've had to sacrifice a lot this year... not being involved in his school as much as id like to be, not getting to spend extra time with him, etc. I work my weekends too to pay the bills. It's hard but to tell you the truth I feel like a stable and decent career in nursing is worth the sacrifice. Also as I come to the end of my year - (not to sound all cheesy or whatever) the feeling I have is indescribable. You achieve something that you'll never lose. You work VERY hard for it and if you have kids and have to work another job too it gives you that much more pride when it's all over. I say go for it!


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I am also a single mother goin back to school for the LPN program. I really have a nice job at Emory and Love my hours. 0930-1800. But Im determine to finish school and work towards my career. I decided to work 12 hrs shifts friday- Sunday and just go to classes Mon-Thurs. Its gonna be hard but, with family and friends support, it will be done. Im claiming this one!!! Good luck to you!!


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It will ot be easy at all but you can do it believe in yourself. Yes you will make alot of sacrfices but the reward in the end is so worth it. No matter what dont give up and keep pushing for your goal. I will be starting my RN program in July and I have to change my hours as well as job. It's not going to be fun or easy but im determined to have RN behind my name.



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Okay, first, don't ever think that following your dreams can't be accomplished. I don't know if your willing to, but the state you live should offer childcare assistance through the Department of Family and Children Services. You will pay a co-pay based on your income and the money the state pays is something you won't have to pay back. You qualify because your a student. Sometimes we have to accept help. Trust me when I say I can't stand asking for help but they created state funding for those of us who actually need it. Hope you continue your journey towards nursing school.


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I may not be a single parent or a person that is stressed for money, but my advice is every college has scholarships in the financial aide department and there is also programs at the libraries where they have books on grants for single parents wanting to go back to school. I come from a long line of mother struggled for her nursing degree, she found a scholarship through the Coke company that paid all of her schooling, expenses, and a little extra for what ever! Companies are dying to give their money away because it is a tax deductible for them instead of paying taxes and losing money! Start with the colleges for scholarships first then look online after. I went through nursing school on my own without help financially from family and found a scholarship for nurses in the college I attended and it paid 90% of my schooling, got the rest online! Best of luck to you!

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Check out the community colleges, or even adult schools.

I just got into the Hacienda La Puente adult school. With financial aid I only have to fork out $2,000 of my own pocket for the program. They also have a daycare center on campus!

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My suggestion is to apply for cash assistance, because this will help you to qualify for help paying for day care and keeping free medical as well as good stamps, etc. they will also help you file for child support and pay other costs.

The way I see it, it's better for someone to be on assistance while pursuing a trade school than to just be on assistance without a plan to get off.



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Hi monimont30. I am also starting the Northwest class in Pasadena this mOnday the 13. I am not a single mom but i do have a 2 year old and I know exactly what you mean by leaving your child. BUT it will be worth it when you graduate and you are able to prove that it was all worth while. I am attending the 6pm-10pm so if you are attending that one, we can study together and make sure we pull each other up. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!. yes the tuition is 30K but it is well worth it!! I am so determined to pass even if i have to give up my hobbies and sacrifice time. I work full time so I know YOU CAN DO IT!!! Think about it this way I think we are both just as nervous but we are doing it for our family! Take care