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Does anyone have any ideas where to get a sale on a Littmann stethoscope?

The cheapest I've seen are on scrubs and beyond Littmann Stethoscopes

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I brought my littmann cardiology master from for 165 dollars which included the tax and shipping with free engraving , cheapest I could find online

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Redding Medical or Steeles have good prices and Redding is typically the cheapest I have found. Other sites seem to mark up extremely. Always look on Ebay as prices can be really cheap. Don't hesitate to look at used stethoscopes either. Always a good way to find things on the cheap. If you are ok with looking at other brands than Littmann, please consider a Prestige Clinical 1, ADC 603, or MDF scope. Equally comparable to a Littmann Classic 2 but for much cheaper. Even cheaper yet and still great quality, are Kila Labs. Good luck!

Same here, Littmann Master for 175 with engraving for Good luck!

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i would start with littmann then ebay, amazon, overstock...good luck...aloha~

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