Need shoes that feel as good as Asics, but are as easy to clean as Danskos?

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I used to wear Asics, they're so comfortable. But I had a patient with uncontrollable diarrhea once, and the tennis shoes have all of those little holes that stuff can get smashed into. I switched to danskos after that, because bleaching and burning my feet with the tennis shoes on after that incident was not a viable solution.

4.5 years later, the first nearly 4 years with Danskos have been amazing. However, lately I feel like I'm rubbing blisters and corns and generally my feet are on fire. I did buy a new pair in August, and they did great for three months. Same size I wore the prior 3.5 years. I can't do it anymore. I need to get back to comfy shoes because my feet still hurt badly 3 hours after leaving work. What kills me is that until recently, Danskos WERE comfy, even the new pair. I've never made a blister with asics though. Same can't be said for Danskos.

Guys, I need the perfect shoe. The fit of an Asics sneaker that feels like a little foot cloud, but easy to clean like Danskos so poop doesn't get waffle stomped into the little sneaker holes.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I heard about clove shoes however I've not had any personal experience with them. Looks like they are specifically for healthcare workers.

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Sadly Asics aren't asics anymore either. They changed their toe box and they are not nearly as comfortable. I actually switched to brooks - don't love them but they are better than the new asic fit. I wear either ABEO or Alegria. I really love my Abeos (hate hate hate danskos). I also haven't tried clove. I've considered it, I'm just a big chicken because I have heard mixed reviews about their return policy.

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I switch between Asics and Sanitas. Sanitas look like Danskos but feel SO much better to me. Oddly enough, I never could wear Danskos. I think I tried on 10 something pairs and thought they were miserable. Love Sanitas and wore them for 6 years straight as a nurse then needed to try something different so now moving between these and Asics.

Entrepreneurial RNs,

please design a beautiful, sturdy workboot, similar to a military boot, ie. lace-up (or not) to above the ankle, with a Vibram sole.

Ankle support is critical; on the job, in a hurry, one cannot easily run in clogs safely. Clogs are great when standing for longer periods, ie. in the OR.

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Kurus are super comfortable and have the big toe box and are made out of leather but with ties. I just find that there insoles wear out quickly but they enabled me to work the unit for my 12 hours shifts very comfortably and lower back pain and leg/foot pain free and energized. They have wide widths which work way better for my feet too.

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I have the same issue with Asics!  They are not wide enough anymore.  I love Sanitas but I like to switch up my shoes.  I came across NewBalance  FreshFoam!  I love them.  The toe box is wide enough and they are like walking on a cloud.  I would definitely give them a try!


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I've had great luck with Alegria shoes - comfortable, supportive and able to be disinfected. 

I suspect though that the comfort and support are highly individualized...

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