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does anyone know of any schools that will offer a statistics course online? I did an RN to BSN program and statistics was not in my undergrad curriculum. I see that most NP programs, with exception of a few, require an undergraduate statistics course.

If anyone knows of the fastest way I can meet this requirement or any other online NP schools that don't require a statistics course (so far I have found SLU, and TSU RODP do not) please let me know!


I'm not sure about the US, but in Canada, Athabasca offers stats online. Several of my classmates used that to fulfill the undergrad stats requirement (ours had to be be within the past 5 years, so many, like myself had to retake it...).

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Bemidji State University in Minnesota has an online statistics course. The college I attended required statistics for the RN to BSN program, and I took my course online.

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I did mine through the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. It was one of the best run online classes I've ever taken. I learned a ton. It was an inferential statistics class (one of the 300 level classes, not stats 101). It looked more at how to interpret statistics, rather than just figuring out the math part. It is the class the nursing school requires and I found it much more relevant to nursing than a stats 101 class would be.

Annaiya, please tell me the name or number of the course. I went to the web site and could not find it. Thank you!

What's the probability of you finding the course you want? :)

South University Online has a stats course that lasts (I believe) just 6 weeks or so. It's spendy, but if you need it quick this might be what you want.

Love that!! You made my day!!

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The class is EPsy 3264 Basic and Applied Statistics, the online version. I think you can see the course description here:|Educational%20Psychology#EPSY3264

The course was accepted for both my BSN and MSN programs, and I didn't go to the U of M. I did get in-state tuition at the time tho:)

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You should check with your local community college. When I needed a stats class and preferred to do it on-line I found my community college offers it. I only had to go to campus to take the final.

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I did my BSN through Chamberlain College of Nursing and our non-nursing classes were all through Devry. And it was on-line. (granted not my favorite course by far LOL) but definitely doable on-line through Devry.

hi i am considering takin my statistics class in university of minnesota but wanted to find the price range

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