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Need a little uplifting!

I need a little boost in my confidence and some help on keeping my eye on the prize. A little background about me : I'm a 22 yr old single mom, I live with my mom, I work 40 hours a week, and I took 13 units this semester (I needed the full finanacial aid lol). I just feel like I'm slipping a little on my way to the end of the semester. I really am a good student, but there just isn't enough time in the day. I was doing really well until my work changed my hours from 7am to 4pm which allowed me to put my son to bed everynight and study every night. Now I am 2pm to 11pm which means I don't see my son as much and I'm crunched for study time. Of the 3 nights I'm home next week, I have to go to the library for 2 so I can work on an english paper which means I can't put my son to bed.

I'm feeling really overwhelmed...and this is just the LVN pre reqs! Anyone have any ideas? I already use my lunch break to study but I just feel like it's not enough. And I've already cut out most of my sleep, but I could cut out more. I'm really needing some ideas and some uplifting to keep my eye on the prize.:o

I think you have an insane amount on your plate. Working full time, going to school full time, and being a mom- any of which would be a lot by itself. I worked full time and knocked prereqs out at night, but I only took a class or 3 at most and my son was already in his teens. I do know people, however, that are managing to do it, and so I guess it can be done. I am pretty sure that those people are very organized and plan everything out to the minute.

I would just encourage you to hang in there. I take my hat off to you. Give yourself a lot of pats on the back. Take care and best wishes,



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:bow: You have a lot on your plate but you can do it. Sometimes cutting back to 32 hours is helpful. Not much by way of a pay decrease in the check, a few less starbucks or fast food lunches a week is all.

Good luck... its all for a good cause.

Wow you do have alot in your plate. I agree. I have a 9 yr old ..work full time and part - time schooling- it is hard! I have my Husband to help me, but is still hard since I feel the guilt of not spending enough time with my daughter. Maybe you should try to cut down a little if you can, maybe take school a little easier????? You can't go to school and do well if you feel stress out, tired and etc.

Well...Good Luck:heartbeat

Look on the bright side - at least your mom is there for your son when you can't be and you're half way or more through the semester. I find that during the course of a semester I've had to streamline my study methods simply because there wasn't time. I'm still in line for A's so it is okay to be more efficient and learn to multitask. Example instead of going to the library to write your papers - if you have a computer and internet service at home then

work from home and that way you'll get to put your son to bed then work on your papers and you'll also save the time you'd spend driving to/from the library. No/poor internet service at home? Well take the time to download any internet materials you need beforehand then work offline at home. Do what you have to do in terms of finding extra hours in the day but don't cut back on sleep too much because this will only affect your health and slow you down in the long run. Hang in there and you will get through this.

Are you taking any financial aid out for living expenses? This may decrease your need to work 40 hours a week. When I was eligible for fin. aid (while I was working towards my B.A., now that I have it, I don't get it anymore) I didn't have my son or anything yet, but I worked 10 hours a week for spending money while my fin aid paid for my dorm, meals, tuition, fees, books, etc. When you file your FAFSA include living expenses. That is what financial aid IS FOR. So you can pay for your education and assist you with living expenses so you can not only get through, but be successful in school. I never worked forty hours unless I was on summer break, in which case I had no excuse not to work, but there is no reason why someone with financial aid (esp. a single mother) should have to work more than part-time while in school.

Please don't cut back on your sleep any more. :) We need our sleep to rest and recharge and do important physiological tasks. Also, when we don't get enough sleep, we tend to (a) overreact to stress and (b) overreact to stress. LOL!

Hang in there! Your plate overfloweth, but there are others on this forum in the same boat. Best of luck.

Sleep is important to your health AND your memory! I second the poster who suggested financial aid for living expenses. Are you getting Stafford loans? Do you qualify for Pell at all?

I am sending you big hugs.....any one those things on your plate and going to school would be tough. I have two little boys and am married and don't work and it's tough. So I know it's extra hard on you. I agree with one of the other poster's and maybe you should think about cutting back on your classes or taking out a little more financial aid to help with living expenses. When you finish you'll have a great job and bright future!! I wish you all the best


Hang in there! I got through by thinking that it is only two years that my family have to deal without me! I only see my daughter twice a week. It is tough, but we do it. The time we do spend together is special, but she knows that what we are doing is for her. I only have 3 more weeks, and it was worth it. good luck!!!:yeah:

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