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need job recomendations

kahiggins kahiggins (New) New

Hello, I am an RN in recovery from an opioid addiction. I'm looking for some advice about what kinds of jobs I can have where I don't have to be around narcotics or benzos. I'm thinking an office job, clinic job, or a job in psych nursing would be best, but what are your thoughts? I don't want to be around any narcotics or benzos at all. Thanks in advance!

dirtyhippiegirl, BSN, RN

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Dialysis might be an option. You might still be exposed to benzos and the occ narcotic in psych, as well as clinics that do procedures.

Im also a nurse in recovery from opioid and alcohol addiction and

I work in dialysis and I really like it. Dialysis have lots of nurses in recovery. The pay is very competitive.

The only meds we give are very few and it's meds like iron, epogen and Zofran.

Good luck!

I've been in dialysis the whole time during my monitoring program so far. I do outpatient dialysis but Acute dialysis might be an option, I will find out soon I guess since I'm tying to move into that area! :)

KyBeagle, ASN

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I was able to get a job at a hospital in Case Management. I actually LOVE this job more than my previous job. The hospital doesn't have to work around my stipulations either since I'm not administering any medications.