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Need Help. What review materials should I use for Passing my NCLEX?


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I used ATI virtual review which has a high success rate.

I would suggest Kaplan Bcuz after doing everything the instructor taught me and taking all of the required tests and the qbank, I learned the strategies.. I took the boards and passed in 75 questions... The boards and Kaplan are 99% alike...


Specializes in OR Nurse. Has 2 years experience.

COngrats :) I will check that one.. Hoping for Good result for me too. So far I can study for at least 2h a day while my kiddo is asleep. Thanks again.


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I took Kaplan. My school paid for it. I used the Kaplan NCLEX study books. I Googled NCLEX Cardiology, NCLEX pharmacology, etc that that was a BIG help. I set hours to study AND hours to relax and spend with my kids. I studied with a partner to hold me accountable.

You can do this. Just do it.

hi, Im using ncsbn review and Saunders, I have pda and kaplan strategy book haven't started reading them yet since I have lots of other reading to do. TRy also audio reviews which you could just download for free in the net it will help you remember topics that you alraedy forgot.

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Hi everyone,

I am also trying to decide on the best review to take. I just failed the NCLEX in June and would like to take it again in August. I finished nursing school in Canada 2 years ago and passed my Canadian boards on the first try. I now see that the NCLEX is very different so I guess I need to really brush up on my content and also my US-pharm knowledge.

I would really appreciate any suggestions as I am trying to decide between the Hurst and Kaplan live reviews. (I learn better in a c

live setting).

Any advice and is there anyone out there doing one of the reviews right now?

I didn't take the kaplan review couse; however, I used the Kaplan Strategies, Practice and Review book and was able to Google the Q trainers 6 and 7. My school also used ATI throughout my years in college. I think the Kaplan strategy book helped the most because it helped me to figure out answers without actually knowing them. There is a nice practice test in the back of the book and a CD that has another practice test.

I used Saunders 6th edition for content since I couldn't find the 5th edition and La Charity PDA book. I passed the test with 75 questions. :)