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need help taking nclex pn in 3 days!!!!


i m confused about airborne and droplet precaution!!!! what PPE do we wear if we have patients who ison these precautions...AND WHAT IF THE PATIENT IS ON AIRBORNE PRECAUTIONS CAN THAT CLIENT SHARE ROOM WITH CLIENT WHO IS ON AIRBORN PRECAUTION ALSO?????

and if possible pleaseeeeeeeee tell me the correct order to remove ppe's i tried to find it but cant find an answer to this question...


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Have you checked out the CDC website?

Also there are several threads discussing this subject have you tried searching for them?

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Hope your exam went ok and you passed.

Hope your exam went ok and you passed.

i took it on 22nd and i also tried the pvt trick and i got the good pop up...i m still waiting for my results i m in california so cant get quick results....i hope i pass it..:D