Need Help with Studying Tips for retaking NCLEX-RN in April


I am a new graduate. I took my first NCLEX-RN exam in January but failed. I took the Kaplan review course during preparation and ended up taking all of the questions. My results indicated that I was on the passing level in all categories. I am not sure how to go about and study because I work a 10 hour shift 4 times a week and I really do not have much help since I am a family man. I am stressed out and really do not know what to do. I have tried to study at least an hour on my work days and study for about 3 hours on my off days. At this point any pointers, tips, and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really need all the help in order for me to pass since I can't afford to pay for the exam if I fell for the 2nd time.


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I'll take my exam on April too. If you need content, hurst might help you. I purchased online review but then I found the same audios online. :\ Just download them. Did you receive your report? Focus on your weak areas and try to answer lots of questions. I heard KAPLAN have the best Q&A though.


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I received my results. All areas were on the near passing level. You need to get above passing level to pass NCLEX. You mentioned that I can download hurst online?


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Yes, you can. Should have found them before purchasing the $300 online review. lol

Uncle Rico

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I studied the Hurst review along with NCLEX 4000, Lacharity PDA, and Saunders. I tried to complete about 200 questions a day which was far too many imo. Hurst was very helpful with mastering the content. Lacharity was great for prioritization and delegation questions. Saunders and NCLEX 4000 supplied me with tons of questions and rationales. Honestly the study questions i completed were extremely easy compared to how they questions were worded on the NCLEX. I've been told that quick facts is also very useful.


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Thanks for advice Uncle Rico. I guess I will attempt to do at least 75 on my work days and do about 150 on my days off. I would say that the Kaplan Review questions were almost identical to the NCLEX, so that kinda helped with being familiar with the lay out an questions. I know I need to work on my SATA stratergies since I would say about half of the questions received were like that.


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It sounds like you have a good grasp on the content? I think you should just focus on doing as many NCLEX practice questions as you can a day. I liked PrepU or NCLEX 10,000. Read the rationales thoroughly and understand them. If there's something you still didn't get, write it down & look it up. Also, go over test-taking strategies. PRACTICE! That's all you can do. Good luck!


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thanks for the informations.


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ye I liked NCLEX 4000, and prep-u 10000..........How do you download Hurst online what is the site? I have a friend who wants to try Hurst.


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Don't panic kaplan has similar question to Nclex,just study the Q bank very well,and write down any unique information you see then go over it whenever you are free