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I recently graduated from nursing school in August and I trying to study for my boards. I decided to sign up for Kaplan because I didnt pass my HESI but luck (I think) for me it was not required to graduate. I doing the Kaplan question and I am doing really bad. I start the Kaplan class next week but I just decided to do question early to test my self and I am not doing good. I am now starting to think that maybe Kaplan wont help me. I know it seems that I rushing to conclusion but I really cant talk to anyone else because they really dont understand what I am going through and feeling at the moment. I am really worried that I wont be able to pass he NCLEX because i keep scoring in the 40 on my Kaplan test when they want me to score in the 60. Can some please help me I am at my wits end at the moment. I read other post even though I made it through nursing school heck that was hard in it self and I am terrified about this next monster and my personal issues that I dealing with doesn't really help a the moment. Does any one have any advice for me pls.....

Your post is sounding like you are dealing with negative thinking. Give yourself certain times during the day, for a limited amount of time, engage in negative thinking. At other times, get involved with your studying. When you find yourself going into negative thinking, look again at your clock, and recall what time your next "negative thinking" session is and get yourself back in line. Good luck.

Your probably right about that, but seeing the scores are not helping the situation at the moment!

Dont pay attention to the scores...i used exam cram and saunders....i also wrote things down that i did not understand. I bought a notebook and kept it with me at all times and made flashcards with the meds i did not understand. Repetition. Dont memorize but know the material definite. if i did not understand a procedure or disease GOOGLE!!!see images LOL.... or youtube... also dont over study...take brakes... hope u a 2nd time passer and this is what i did the second time....

First of all, RELAX! Your Kaplan class hasn't even started yet. You are also not supposed to start answering the Question Trainers yet, only the pretest. I passed with Kaplan and took the class. Try to follow the schedule they give you (they will discuss it in your first class). I read the entire Kaplan book just to refresh my memory. Obviously, not all at once. When you are reading, if there are areas you feel comfortable with, skip over them. And if something seems fuzzy to you, then brush up on that area. Also, pay attention to the Decision Tree. I felt that it really helped me learn how to answer questions. After my Kaplan class, I did about 60 questions a day. If you get a question wrong, make sure you understand WHY you got them wrong. Also, understanding concepts is way more important than memorizing facts.

So, take a nice big deep breath and relax! You are only at the very beginning of your studying. You have time to be prepared and you WILL be prepared by the time you take your exam.

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