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Need all help I can get with Micro...


If anyone has any suggestions for me to help me get through Micro this semester, it would be great! I just took my 2nd test tonight and do not think I did too weel. Would love to have a tutor but am having no luck finding one! I think I have studied well and know the material but when I take the test I am sadly mistaken!!! Can anyone help??????!!!!!???? I need al the help I can get!! :scrying:

I'm taking micro right now but I don't have much for tips. I got lucky I guess..... Our textbook consists of notes the instructor typed up with all kinds of fancy visuals and such. So there is no need to take notes in class. Matter of fact he says not to unless he tells you to write it down. Also in our "textbook" there is an test bank on each unit consisting of about 150 questions, of which he pulls about 80-90% and puts on the test, some are modified though.

So I don't really have any suggestions since our instructor has pretty much made it impossible to fail.

Good luck though


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if i may, try something other than what you have done for the previous tests. take one small portion of its text content at a time to understand its meaning and don't rely on memorizing.

hang in there.

Hmmm... Sounds like I'm in the same class as Francine right now!

My advice would be to make flashcards of the core material, and review them often; I've found that helps me a LOT.

I'd also answer any sample questions that are available to you. So if you have review questions in your book, tackle all of those until you can answer them without "peeking" at the answers.

I'd also suggest talking to your professor. Chances are, you can get tips on what you are doing "wrong"... maybe you aren't focusing on the key items of importance, or maybe you aren't focusing on enough fine details. Every instructor of course has their own system of testing, so it's good to know what yours is expecting.


I'm taking Micro right now to. I find that Micro is different then A&P in that you really do need an understanding of the overall concepts to do well. But usually if a teacher tests from lecture notes then most of the time they are just covering the major concepts as well as the bold headings in each of those concepts. I would think that by studying these major concepts as well as the bold headings in these areas that you should have your bases pretty well covered. I would approach the teacher and ask though, most teachers will tell you directly or at least give you a clue about how to prepare for tests and such. Good luck, B.T.H

Check on Amazon. Some books have a study guide that you can buy seperately. Even if there isn't one for your book (there was one for mine) one for another book might help you get into the mindset to take the test. Flashcards are another good idea - but only for memorization. If you have to apply it you need to get in the right mindset to do so. (MY Micro teacher gave us NCLEX style questions so we would get used to it before nursing classes - at the time we were not too happy but really appreciate it now) I used the study guide and flashcards and was one of 4 out of 32 to get an A in the class in a 4 week summer course!

Hope that helped!

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Hi. I'm finding micro to be a different animal also. Have you ever heard of a concept map? Our instructor taught us how to create them and they're required assignments for each of our units. They're basically flow charts "chunking" and linking material together to form concepts. We all moaned and complained over having to do them and even having to learn the computer programs that support them but you really learn as you create them. I usually do mine a couple of days before a test and I'm acing my tests. If you're interested, I'll tell you a bit more about it. It is time consuming but actually replaces all other forms of study.


Yes, please tell me more about that. My email address is sugeetoo@yahoo.com if you need to send me something that way. I have a lab practical tomorrow night that I will be studying for the rest of this evening and also tomorrow. I'd appreciate any help I can get!


wonderbee, BSN, RN

Specializes in critical care; community health; psych.

Check your email. I sent you a sample of what I'm talking about. But it won't help you with your practical. It's for concepts... suited for lecture.

Wishing you good luck.

I am checking email now, I'll let you know if it helps me on test for lecture. Wish me luck on my practical tonight!

Thanks again!:p

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