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I just started this nursing job 2 weeks ago at a doctor's office(still in training, not on the schedule until this friday). I'm a new RN.... I applied to this other job before I started here, and it's a MUCH better job. I wrote a post about it a couple weeks ago I think. Anyway... they finally called me and want me to come in tomorrow to look at the facility (endoscopy center) and talk about a position there. VERY good chance I'll get hired.

Well, I take an hour for lunch, and it'll take me 15 minutes to get there from my job and of course 15 mins back. And I'm guessing I'll be there for around 30 mins. Well, I need another 30 minutes to pump and stop by the house to store my milk. So I need to ask for an additional 30 minutes for lunch tomorrow, but I don't know what to say.

I want to tell my supervisor I need the extra minutes tomorrow... but what excuse/reason should I give? I also have a daughter who is in first grade.. and I thought I could say something about having to go to her school? I don't know. And I obviously can't say I'm going to another job to interview. I feel really bad about possibly leaving this job.. but I just can't pass up this awesome opportunity.

***** I forget to mention that I always go home to pump... so I never bring my pump to work *********

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I don't think anyone was berating. I believe people have been projecting. Any response should be greeted with appreciation since fellow nurses have taken the time took to reply.

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Well, if it's a really good chance you'll get hired, you'll have to figure out where's a good private place to pump/store milk. Unless you can run home everyday for lunch. You get an hour lunch everyday?

I guess I'm lucky- working in peds we have a breastmilk fridge. It makes life a little more convenient. Now, storing your breastmilk in the regular fridge might totally gross others out. Just FYI. :)

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I would ask if it would be acceptable to come in early or stay late, as need some additional time at lunch. It is the truth.

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I don't get any of this. What's the problem? You tell your employer a personal matter has come up and you will be 30 mintes or so late coming back from lunch. You can tell them first thing in the morning or call during lunch. Keep it simple and don't offer details. If they want to know what is happening tell them you aren't able to discuss it. If they are willing to fire you over something like this are they someone you really want to work for?

Thirty years of working as an hourly employee, supervisor, and management and it has only been since I have gotten into nursing that I have seen or heard of people tying themselves up in knots over simple, straightforward issues like this.

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