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Need help from anyone crafty

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^^^This... except look for clear plastic ornaments. Check Hobby Lobby or Michaels, or depending on where you live you might find same- or next-day delivery on Amazon.

I've also seen them at Walmart, in the craft section... but that wasn't during holiday season.

ETA: I think the gingerbread man ballerinas sound cute too. You could even bend a leg up so it looks like they're standing on a toe....

Good call, my ornaments are usually for adults so I automatically think glass. Thanks

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Burn a CD with all a playlist of "dance songs" and include stuff like Broadway jazz songs, Nutcracker classics, Modern day hip hop, etc... Decorate the case with stickers and construction paper or something and call it done!

This is cute but I don't know if the child will know what a CD is or have a way to play the songs. I found out mine didn't know what one was when she asked me what a record was one day. I said, "like a CD, but bigger". She then says, "what's a CD?" I then realized that she had a valid question...being born long after the creation of iTunes.

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Not dance related, but are they too old for play-dough? Super easy to make and fun.Me and my GD just made some for her gift exchange, I included the printed recipe from pinterest and one of those disposable plastic tablecloths from the dollar store in case the parent was worried about messes. We put it all in a decorated shoebox

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