need for fresher nurses


Hello to everyone,

Can anyone help me about which countries are employing fresher nurses with no experience, im in my final year of Bsc(n).


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I think you should do lots of reading here on the World forums. All of your questions will be answered.

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I can't think of a single country that is looking beyond it's own borders for nurses.


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Hello to everyone,

Can anyone help me about which countries are employing fresher nurses with no experience, im in my final year of Bsc(n).

Well, let's see....with no paid/working hospital experience: will need a SS# AND to get the proper visa you better start looking into now as it will be several years before the US looks at the application, as they are several thousands ahead of the game.

Canada...has closed off the doors to international nurses as the nursing profession was removed from the preferred list of needed workers. will need a minimum of 2-3 years of a specialized paid nursing experience. tough as AU.

The UK, actually I'm not sure, but maybe others will comment or simply do some more research in the forums there.

--- Don't forget that the competition amongst the new graduate nurses looking for just their very first nursing job with little to no experience numbers in the several of hundreds to in the 1,000's going after a smaller percentage of available open jobs and depending on the country and what part of the country you plan to settle down in.

I wish there was better news but this is the harsh and cruel reality in today's economy and times.

Like so many desperate new nurses (experienced ones as well), looking into the agency route is risky at best. Many promise the moon and the stars, many end up taking your money and unable to deliver any of their written or unwritten wish list, approach with both eyes up, ask for solid references from successful clients (of those that are actually working in whatever country you choose).

If that agency is so successful, they should not only tell you they have recent great stories, but will let you talk to them, write to them, etc, but you still need to always be suspect of this verification process and investigation. Only you can do this with complete assurance if you do all your homework right.

Good luck!

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UK requires 12 months full time experience


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NZ has also taken Registered Nurse off their skilled shortage list, so no emigration there for new grads or experienced nurses as well and you would need 2500 hrs as an RN in the past 2 years.


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Thank you everyone for your advice, i realy appreciate. I just hope for hard time after my corse.