Need Financial Advice-What am I doing???


First off I am new here, and I want to thank anyone who is taking time out to read this, in hopes they can help me with some advice!

I am a 30 year old who just finished here AS in General Studies, with a GPA of 2.3 (yes ouch). I stay home with my son (20 months old) Mon-Fri, and work 2 night a week and 12 hours on Sat and Sundays (2 different part time jobs). So as you can imagine I am VERY busy. My hubby works maybe 30 hours a week, and makes near nothing.

Okay now that you have a quick bakground.

The reason for my low GPA, is I wanted out quick. Just to be done so I can say I have a degree. I changed majot several times, and it took 4 years to finish. My pregnancy was a hard one, and my son was extremely ill and sick throughout his first year of life so my studies came last, family came first.

SO, after all this time I had alot to think about, and after LOTS and LOTS of searching I chose Nursing. I worked as the Assistant to the DON of Nursing at a facility and I LOVEd it. I loved my boss, the patients and most of my nurses :) Unfortunately I never returned after my maternity leave.

I was just accepted in the Nursing program, all my pre req's and basic courses are done except Ant & Pys I & II. However, since of my previous academic work I am not eligible for any aid, not even loans. I don't have a penny to my name. What am I going to do? I could transfer to another school (which is VERY far away) but I would be on a 2 year + waiting period, but would be able to get aid elsewhere. OR I could stay where I am and take one class at a time and try to pay in installments (which would be EXTREMELY hard to do). I was even thinking of finsing a part time job in a hospital, quit my other 2 ones which I hate...and hope they would offer tuition reimbursement after a year.

I am just so down today and could kick myself hard. I thought I needed to maintain a 2.0, but it was a 2.5...I took the lazy easy way out and used my family problems as excuses to slack off. I feel like a loser. I am actually an A-B student when I actually apply myself. I spoke the Dean and she feels aweful but she already gave me chance back when I was pregnant and ended up on bed rest.

Sorry so long, I am just wondering if this some sort of sign that Nursing wasn't the right choice for me? Maybe I should just stick to my orginal plan and go into my BS in Healthcare Management. Argh I am so confused and feel so alone.

Thank you for listening.


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Does your school have a payment plan that you can sign up for the semester? If you do well in your classes, you should be able to get your grades back up to 2.5 or more. Then you would be able to receive financial aid again. Also, once you are back on financial aid, maybe they have some work study positions at your school that you may be eligible for. The key is to get your GPA back up to financial aid levels. Whether you stay where you are or transfer, you will have issues with Financial Aid until you raise your GPA.

Good Luck


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Thans Matt. I am never eligible at my school ever again, regardless if my GPA goes to a 4.0, so it really sucks. This horrible thing is the classes I need for nursing I have straight A's...MY classes towards my Nursing program is a 3.6 + so I feel like a real idiot! Its all the classes that I never "needed" for whatever program I was doing at that time that are killing my GPA! Oh well, I am going to start to apply at the surrounding hospitals and hopefully I can get in, and receive reimbursement down the road. Thank you!


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They don't have you on financial aid suspension? You would think there would be a way to get it again if you got your grades up.

I hope you find a job that gives you reimbursement. Maybe look at becoming a CNA.



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yea thats a tough one. honestly if it were me and the finances were just to expensive for my budget, i would try and transfer into another school. i know it sounds rough but i hear working and nursing school at the same time is tough and if you didn't work anymore, your family income would take (what sounds like) a big hit.

you have a lot to think about and i wish you luck on your decision!


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Don't give up! Where there is a will, there is a way.

1. At my Community College, there is a TIPS program aka Tuition Installment Program. It is not financial aid but you can break up your tuition in 2-4mths payments according to when you submit the request. There is a $25 processing fee and that is it. Check into that.

2. Every state funded school that I have known has an appeal process for academic or financial aid probation/suspension. Look into this and see if you can avail yourself of this process.

3. If all else fails, ask family, friends for a loan. Based on your information above, I would think that you and your husband should be expecting a tax refund. If true, could you ask someone to pay for your classes until you get your taxes.

Congrats on your acceptance into a nursing program, however, I'm surprised that you got in without Anatomy and Phys 1 and 2. Theya re the back bone courses for pre-reqs for nursing.

Also, your school has a high standard for financial aid. How is it that they can allow you to get a degree witha 2.3 gpa but won't give you fin. aid because your cumm. gpa is less than 2.5. What am I missing here?

When does the nursing program start? Will you just be taking Ap1 or ap1 and nursing process 1, pharmacology.

Good luck and don't give up yet.

You should qualify for earned income credit. Consider doing taxes separatly if it doesn't work out if you file jointly. I believe that if you have income of less than $30k and have a child, you will qualify for some type of tax refund/credit.

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At my college you only need a 2.0 to get your degree. Its a SUNY community college (best one in the state of NY). Since I am a resident of the county and already have been taking classes there, so it was an automatic "in" for me. The classes that I took that would transfer into that program I have about a 3.6, so that was why. Don't get me wrong, I hear there is a waiting list of over ayear for the clinicals though...which they do choose what students will start and which ones won't.

I doubt I can transfer or get in anywhere else with my GPA.

I was on already on probation, so when I failed to meet the 2.5, that was my last chance...I cannot appeal or anything.

So I am now debating to just continue and try to pay it through a payment plan...ARGHH. OR go with the original plan and transfer to Empire State for a BS in Health Care Management (completely online). Then maybe later down the line I will revisit nursing, but I will be like 35 then!

I am still looking at the bright side of things...keeping my head up for my son's sake :)

We are expecting a huge tax refund, however that is pretty much spent already on car maintanence and other bills :(

Thank You all for your help and support!!


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I am ineligible for financial aid myself due to getting my Bachelor's a year ago from my University. Now I pay for EVERYTHING for my pre-reqs (tuition, fees, books) out of pocket. When I get into the Nursing program however, I will be looking for state scholarships, in my state, North Carolina, there are 2-3 scholarships/loans (you repay by working as a Nurse in the state for a year for each year you have a loan) some are MERIT based and others are NEED based (not credit based). If you have good references lined up, can write a personal essay explaining your hardships and your insistance to perservere despite adversities and demonstrating your determination for success by your excellent GPA in your pre-requisite courses-- you may stand a chance of getting one of these. Also, hospitals often offer RN scholarships (in exchange for working for them after graduation for some time). I would google your options and local hospital websites to see what's available to you--you can also call the HR dept of the hospitals as well.

I hope this helps! And I hope you find some financial assistance! Good luck!!!!


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