Need advice

by Tesfanurse Tesfanurse (Member)

I am a new graduate nurse. I am seeking job in Medical-surgical nursing. Is it ok to apply to all the posted positions in different units of a single hospital? Will this make me look bad if so should I apply to just one single unit even if there are other units offering a job in the same hospital?


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There is nothing wrong with that. It shows you are open minded IMO

Be sure to apply for what you want and believe you can do

MrChicagoRN, RN

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As long as they are similar positions, that's fine.

But if I see you've applied for MS,tele, psych, mother-baby, peds, and just about everything else I will assume you just want your foot in the door, but really don't want to work on unit. I want someone with a genuine interest and not with a high probability that they will leave as soon as they can for greener pastures.

Thanks everyone. All the posted postions are adult health or med-surgical. I will apply to all since all are similar.