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Hi everyone:

I live in Miami, Florida. We're thinking of moving to Lexington. I have a brother who lives in Harrodsburg (1hour SW of Lex) with his family. My other brother (and his family) wants to leave Miami to move to Harrodsburg (the heat is worsening his multiple sclerosis). Family is very important to us, so we're seriously considering Lexington for a move.

Can you give me any advice in terms of what areas are good to live in if you have kids in grade school? I'm a new nurse (2nd career nurse), my husband's a high school teacher. Guess I'd work at UK or St Joe. (I've been trying to learn about Lexington on line).

What areas would you suggest in terms of looking for a house or townhouse to buy?

Are the schools okay or should we consider the private school route? (My husband teaches in the public high schools in Miami. Our kids go to public school here at a good elementary school that I got them transfered into. Some public schools in Miami leave a lot to be desired, you really have to know how to work the system.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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My sister used to live in Lexington. She lived in an apartment off of Redding Road which is off of Nicholasville Road and is near New Circle Road.

She used to attend University of Kentucky and she used to work at UK Hospital. A couple of months ago, she moved to Louisville and now attends Univeristy of Louisville and works at UofL Hopsital. :)

Would it be possible to take a short trip to Lexington to check things out first hand? Would you have to live in that area or would within an hour or two be sufficient?

Did you call the BON for info? State of Ky for info on area? I am sure there would be a culture shock moving there from Fla. Good luck.


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heloo !!!!!!!!!!i'm from danville ,ky 10 miles from harrodsburg i notice that you are thinking about relocating you shoud look into our town which is the home of montgomery and gentry the country duo and also 5 time state football champs Boyle County Rebels also 26 time state champs Danville ADMIRALS so we little towns do have lots to offer both schools are wonderfull we also have a state of the art hospital that is going thru renovations we are adding a new surgery center ,women 's health floor, ortho floor so we are in sooooooooooo short of nurses well i know lexington is a great place to work cause i have friends that work there but i love the home town feel.. and i know where my kids are at night .. i'm a nite -shifter so check us out i know your brother would be happy if you lived in harrosburg or ..think about it :welcome::idea: thanks for listening londa j

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You should check the job market before you get here they are are about 25 on the list for unemployment


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I can't speak to the nursing job market, but I can tell you about the schools. Schools within Henry Clay, Lawrence Dunbar, and Lafayette are more desirable than other places in Lexington. My boys are in the Lafayette/Jessie Clark/Stonewall area and are progressing well. I have friends that live in both the Dunbar (High School) and Henry Clay (High School) areas and they are pleased with the progress of their kids.

I am actually a native Floridian from Jacksonville. It is very different here. You will enjoy the weather, as it snows once in a while and their idea of a scorcher is 85 degrees! Lexington is very family oriented with lots for kids to do here. Dog parks, city parks, little league, soccer, that kind of thing. There are 3 kinds of taxes, however, and it's a bit of a shock when you see it on your paystub. They tax for state, county and CITY. The money goes to schools so that's awesome. Also, you may not be aware of the Ad Velorem tax on your vehicle. It's been so many years since I lived in Jax that I don't know much about the tax system or what you are used to.

The people here are nice, and everyone loves UK or UofL which is hard if you are a Gator, Seminole, or Canes fan.

I am a student at the local community college, (BCTC) about to apply to get into the LPN program. Just doing my pre-req's for now. Lots of luck. Feel free to contact me if you make it down.


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