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need some advice where to head to...

by ravenrai ravenrai (New) New

I failed my NCLEX RN 3x already, I started taking it last year August for the 1st one then october the 2nd and the recent one was this past week February 24th to be exact. I am loosing hope sometimes and asking what is going on. I really badly needed a job to support my son for his therapy, and help my family and husband too. Now I am thinking to take the NCLEX PN but im scared that I might fail the exam since its not the exact degree I have which is a BSN. I am already a regestered nurse in the Philippines and already work as nurse in my country and other asian country too. Can you give some advice at least what option I can do. I also even thnking of getting a training at red cross for a CNA to be at least have wider option to do.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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How have you previously studied? What material did you use?

I used different kind of study materials already. Like HURST book, I attend the kaplan review class for 1 week and answer online the Qtests, I have the saunders book 5th edition and tried to answer the question from its CD. I didnt know where I commit a mistake or what I am doing wrong in terms of my studying. Its like a torture already... thinking why I cant pass and thinking what will I do next....

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 33 years experience.

My suggestion is to keep doing questions and read the rationale, even if you got the question right. The rationale will give you ideas on key words to look for in answering the question. I would only study up on a subject if you are having issues answering questions

Thank you so much silverdragon for your advice and concern. It helps a lot someone giving me emotional support and advice... :)

The Prioritization and Delegation book by LaCharity is a great book. It really helped me win all those "who would you see first" questions that were in the NCLEX. Granted, I just took it yesterday and I don't know if I passed or not but it really did help. Also, I know you said you had the HURST. Ok but did you watch the videos and do the Qbank questions or did someone just give you their old book?

I bought my Hurst book in the Philippines and l read the book hmmmm.... l never tried to answer the CD included with it. With regards to kaplan, l do answer all the qbank. The videos l did not really had time to watch it. Saunders 5th edition. I answered most the questions. I heard a lot of good comment with regards to LaCharity book. I guess l need more concentration and focus in my studies.


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Hi raven..i am a bsn rn in the philippines too. What helped me are these:

1. Hurst review: i did their online study which includes videos focused on core content. It really helped me alot coz it summed up mostly all we have to learn in nursing and also can be applied to practice

2. La Charity PDA book: focus on priority, delegation, assessment

3. Nurse cram: i answered all the questions

---do Q&A's always

---install apps on your phone so that you can review anywhere

Thanl you for your advice so much appreciated:up: