Need A Good Bag For School????


I am starting my pre reqs in June and I need a good bag. I was looking at backpacks, totes, messenger bags, leather, canvas. I wonder if I should get a shoulder bag, the backpack with both straps, or a sling bag that goes around the body. Any recommendations or advise???


I know this is going to sound unfashionable to you, but we get along by using suitcases! The rolling ones! You'd be surprised how pretty they can be. :) Suitcases, not backpacks, get you around in nursing school!

I'm sorry, I totally read your question wrong! Either way, suitcases are still good to use! No strain on your back! Good luck with the prereqs! You can do it!

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Just use a separate backpack. No need to spend extra money.


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Everyone at my nursing school uses either a wheelie backpack or a suitcase. :) The books get progressively heavier as you advance! It's not very fashionable, but at least we don't throw out our backs trying to lug all our nursing textbooks to and from class.


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I bought this LL Bean backpack when I started school and couldn't live without it. On any given day I have a laptop or netbook, multiple books and a jacket shoved in there. There are just enough compartments to have easy access to my clinical stuff, but not enough that you lose things. Great outside mesh pockets for a water bottle or hand sanitizer/creme. Small fleece zipped spot for PDA, iPod touch, or other delicate stuff you may have to bring. I noticed a few people who started with rollers at my school have moved to backpacks, especially for clinical days since we have to walk up a steep hill to get to the hospital. Plus, I've never been one to bring all my full size books with me to clinical anyway; you can get pocket sized editions of Lippincott, Doenges, Lewis, whatever you use.



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LOL - I practically use luggage that I travel with to tote all my books into lecture...seriously. Last July, after being accepted, but prior to starting the nursing program, I decided to treat myself to a fishing trip to the keys and went to my local Bass Pro Shops to buy luggage for the trip. There was one particular piece that could fit all the fishing gear and allowed rods to be strapped to the side of it (36" long and I forget how wide).

Segue to this past Jan, when we start and I realize how many books are involved - One of the realizations was that there was no way all my books were going to fit into a standard book/back pack. So I had to convert that fishing luggage into my book bag (I had to buy a shoulder strap for it)...So now I (unintentionally) adverstise the Bass Pro logo at all my lectures:-)

Fortunately for lab and clinicals, a smaller back pack does fit the bill


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I saw a tip on here I intend on utilizing. Someone mentioned they keep their books in a crate and carry them too and from the car on school days. I intend on doing that, and using my regular backpack. That way I always have all my books, but I can take in just want I need that day for class. If it turns out I need something else, or have extra study time while at school, I will still have my other books.

I have a nice swiss army backpack/laptop bag that has been wonderful, I've had it a couple years so cannot find a comparable one now, but its been awesome!


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I'm just now doing my pre-req's and already have quite a few large books. I ended up getting a rolling book bag for the days I have all of my classes. And on the days I only have one or two classes I have a smaller bag I carry on my shoulder. I have noticed that a lot of the students at my school do the same.


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I have a Dickies clinical bag. It's shaped like a tote bag with some big pockets on the outside and heavy-duty straps. It fits my laptop and a notebook perfectly. I guess I'm the odd one out, though - I've never had to bring textbooks to lecture. They stay home on my bookshelf and I use them when I do homework.

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I have a milk crate in my car that I have most if not all my books in. I swap them out between classes because I HATE carrying a bag full of books that I dont end up using in class everyday. To take them to class I have an REI daypack that is just awesome.

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I must be the only one who doesn't have to lug around their books to class! I just carry my binder that has all of my notes. I use a tote or messenger bag (Vera Bradley! :D)


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I am starting my pre reqs in June and I need a good bag. I was looking at backpacks, totes, messenger bags, leather, canvas. I wonder if I should get a shoulder bag, the backpack with both straps, or a sling bag that goes around the body. Any recommendations or advise???

I suggest a dump truck.

I have a Swissgear messenger bag. I think it is this one:|B0031MOYA6&CPNG=&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

It has great storage areas for my laptop, ipod, pens, notecards, laptop...oh and books too. I have to pick and choose which books I want to bring along though - no way to fit all of them in the bag at once. Aside from comprehensive finals studying, there is no reason to try anyway.

I had a smaller version of this bag I used for prequisites - it tore apart within a year. This one seems to be holding up after a year of nursing school.

Good luck