(Nearly) Severed Head Reattached?

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I overheard some women at my exercise class saying that there was a man whose head was reattached after being almost completely severed. That's all I know. Anyone have info on this or is it just a rumor?


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Nope, there was a segment on Good Morning America today. They interviewed the patient and the surgeon. Pretty remarkable.


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From the responses on Rustyhammer's thread, I'm guessing my post won't be a popular one. but.....

That is a true miracle. The doctor just happened to be available..that the guy survived at all.....

Can you say guardian angel?


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parker in arkie-

we have nothing against religion and spirituality....

it's being gagged and smothered with it, as a few posters on that thread were doing, that raises our hackles...

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Sure seems to minimize that by my saying he was lucky that's for sure. WOW......where'd all the blood go? WOW:eek:

okay, sunny. i'm in the bible belt. "not believing" is alien to me.


I know 2 different men, each had severe back injuries, both were told they would never walk or work again...both work, walk, run, hunt, fish, give piggyback rides to their grandkids, etc..etc.. I believe in the power of prayer.

and the almost severed head story just makes me remember why i do believe.

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That is astonishing.

I won't preach, just referring to my signature line.


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WOW! That's amazing :eek: Love stories like that:D


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How is it that he wasn't brain damaged? Or didn't bleed to death? Amazing. And amazing that the doctor was working on a technique for just this sort of thing. How often does it happen?


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All I can say is WOW. Someone was watching out for that young man!!!

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